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A Leap of Faith

When I showed up for my first appointment at Southwest Physical
Therapy, I was in so much pain I could barely walk.  I had a herniated
disc with constant shooting pain down my leg from the sciatic nerve. I
had already been to countless PT, chiropractor and doctor appointments
in Manhattan where I felt like I was pretty much run through a
factory.  None of those visits helped with the pain. Southwest was an
entirely different experience.  I have never had this kind of care.
Michael and Aracelli addressed the problem immediately, and gave me
great advice on how to deal with chronic pain on both a physical and
mental level.  They are fantastic: I went from being in pain 24 hours
a day for three months to living virtually pain free.  Their
techniques are a bit outside the box, but that’s exactly why it works.
For me it was a leap of faith that absolutely paid off.  I can’t
recommend them highly enough.   -Tasha


Emotional Connection

After a lower back injury 2 years ago, my body began to spiral out of control. Running from Dr to Dr just exasperated the anxiety & pain. A Physical Therapist I know suggested I give SWPT a shot. It was an incredible experience that helped me heal. The muscle spasms & pain began to release & so did the anxiety & fear. They gave me the knowledge & tools to continue to be pain free. Aracelli & Michael are incredibly talented therapists. They focus on the entire body & the mind body connection. They have extensive knowledge of the muscles & the emotional connection to each of them. They are passionate about their work and sharing their knowledge. I am grateful to Aracelli & Michael. It was a great experience. I think everyone can benefit from Myofacial Release therapy at SWPT.    -Beth Ann

Marathon Runner

“I came to Southwest Physical Therapy in extreme pain, and very skeptical. As a runner, I logged many miles on unforgiving pavement, and while training for, and completing the 2005 NYC Marathon I severely strained my lower back and hip.

At times, I could barely walk, and what was once an active lifestyle became a routine of pain-management. Over the course of two years I visited countless chiropractors, physical therapists, and orthopedists and endured endless treatment programs, tests, x-rays, and MRIs. Nothing helped. Disillusioned, I was convinced that I was doomed to lead a sedentary lifestyle, and would never run again.

My first visit to Southwest P.T filled me with a sense of hope and relief. The therapists spent quality one-on-one time getting to know me and understand my injury and goals. Focused and innovative treatments not only helped heal my back and hip injury, but also served to restore overall balance to my body. Chronic aches and pains that had nagged at me over the years began to dissipate with each treatment session, leaving me stronger and more flexible.

After only a month at Southwest, I was running two or three miles at a time: and, to my utter disbelief, completely pain-free. My therapists understood and encouraged my physical fitness goals, and encouraged me to realize them. I am thrilled to be in training again, for the 2008 NYC Marathon, and plan to run stronger then ever. I could not be back on my feet, without the help of Southwest.”
– Marzena Fercz –

A Wonderful Place

Southwest Physical Therapy is a wonderful place because of the people. Mike and Aracelli are caring, sweet and kind people who are excellent in their field. They are skilled and help you get on the road to recovery.

-Mary Borrero

Long Term Soccer Injury

I play soccer about 7 days a week. Sometimes, more than once a day. I play for a club team in Long Island, as well as for my school team. I hate missing practices or games. So I was extremely alarmed when I began having pain in my lower back. I would play through it, thinking I was just sore and it would pass. The pain worsened to the point where I began missing practices. My coach didn’t believe me but my parents expressed major concern. Eventually, it hurt so much to walk, it was all I could do to keep from crying.

Frantic, my mom forbade me to go to school. I purchased a heating pad, took Advil and lay flat on my back for 2 days. I saw a massage therapist and acupuncturist, both whom stocked me up with homeopathic herbs. I saw my regular doctor, whom, as wonderful as he is, shrugged his shoulders and suggested that I sit it out for 6 weeks. The alternative medications worked at first, but my pain gradually began to come back.

I had 2 really big games coming up. Desperately, my mom called Southwest Physical Therapy where Mike and Aracelli saw me immediately. I was given stretches and ball exercises to do and they were clear about what the problem was and how they were going to go about healing it. My mom asks me every day how my back pain feels on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the severest. Today, after my appointment, she was relieved when I said “1”.
-Elsa Hardy

Calm & Healing in the Northeast

“Unfortunately, over the years I’ve had my share of physical therapy. Some were better than others, but Aracelli & Mike at Southwest PT stand out from the crowd. They can put you through your paces like any PT, but they really shine when it comes to hands on work. They emphasize hands on, and I am a convert to this approach. I had gone to Hospital for Special Surgery for Physical Therapy on my shoulder previously, and though I experienced some improvement, I still had limited range of motion. I was ready to just accept it rather than consider surgery. However, the pain increased again, so I decided to try PT one more time, but picked someone close to home. The techniques Aracelli & Mike used were able to really open up my frozen shoulder. The pain is gone and I have better range each week. They are kind, approachable, talented people. Save a trip to the city, go Southwest!”
– Marge –

Karate Injury

“I received treatment from Mike Boals and Aracelli Gonzalez of Southwest Physical Therapy for two weeks (three physical therapy sessions) for a sports injury which had been causing me daily pain for about two months, and which had caused me to miss a week of work. After the three one-hour sessions, and after following a few suggestions related to self-care of the injury, I was significantly improved to the point that I was able to stop taking pain relievers and to resume exercising. (I expected that I would have to return for one or two more treatment session, because the severity of the injury, but found that it was simply not necessary, as the injury had healed.)

Besides their obvious technical expertise as therapists, Mike and Aracelli made me feel very comfortable, mentally as well as physically, with their relaxed and friendly personal demeanors. They explained my injury and how it was affecting, or being affect by, different things (like certain movements) and they were always clear and made sure that I understood the injury, and how their treatment was helping. Mike and Aracelli made me feel like they were truly working with me to help me get better, and to help me get back to being able to play sports, [Karate] without pain or worry.”
– Kevin –

 Effective and Relaxing

“Southwest Physical Therapy is the most effective and the least time consuming physical therapy I have ever experienced. Also, it is a great way to de-stress in a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. My thanks to Aracelli and Michael”
– Marie Colosimo –

Surgery is Not the Only Solution

“I came to Southwest PT with a condition called ‘acute exertional compartment syndrome’ of the shins, an injury caused by overexertion. The way it manifested itself was that during exercise (fast walking or running) the fascia didn’t expand with the pumped-up muscle, so it was pressing on nerves, starving the muscle of oxygen and nutrients, and causing a sharp pain that forced me to stop the activity. An orthopedic surgeon (a sports medicine expert) I consulted and the medical literature say the solution is surgery. Aracelli and Mike performed full-body Myofascial release on me. Following the third treatment I took out my shins for a test drive. Result: for the first time in 5 years I completed a run around Prospect Park without being stopped midway by acute pain.
Thank you, Aracelli and Mike, for the treatment and the pleasant atmosphere you create in the office. I’ll be baaaack.”
– J. Boms –

Bent Over and Hardly Walking

I was experiencing extreme pain in my upper right thigh. I went through the usual regimen of tests (ultrasound, X-rays, MRI’s, neurological and blood). All the tests came back negative. I was relieved that there was nothing seriously wrong, but the pain was still there, even the pain killers did nothing to alleviate it.

I was talking to a neighbor and he was shocked at how I was so bent over and could hardly walk. He recommended Aracelli and Michael at Southwest Physical Therapy which he had used with great success. Although I was skeptical I called and made an appointment. On the appointed day I was doubtful but secretly hopeful I would get some relief.

After a few Myofascial Release treatments I was able to move without extreme pain. The pain in my thigh disappeared and I began to feel pain in other parts of my body. Michael would say, “We got the pain on the run, there is no place left for it to hide.” I slowly continued to straighten up as the pain lessened. I was instructed to do certain exercises at home and started taking walks. At first I had a difficult time incorporating my exercise routine into my day as I had become very inactive with the pain.

Now I look forward to doing the exercises as the Myofascial Release treatments have taken away the pain.

Today is a special day as I was told not to use my cane. I am walking tall and pain free thanks to the patience and caring of Aracelli and Michael at Southwest Physical Therapy.
-Theresa Walsh

Severe Back Injury

“Recently I was incapacitated by a severe back injury. I tried to cure it with my usual bag of tricks which included Yoga postures, hot baths, etc., but nothing worked, and I was getting worse instead of better. I searched online for a physical therapist in my neighborhood and was very fortunate indeed to come across the website for Southwest [Physical Therapy] Healing.

As soon as I spoke to Michael, I knew I had dialed the right number! This was my first experience with Myo-Fascial Release therapy and it was great! They also gave me a regimen of stretches and exercises that I could do at home, and I began to improve immediately. All of the therapies are conducted in a very friendly and supportive atmosphere which helped tremendously to alleviate my mental and emotional stress. These guys are the best!”
– Brian S. –

Feeling Fit Again

The encouragement, support and enthusiasm of Aracelli and Michael helped me to build up my muscles, my strength and my sense of well being. I am feeling more fit and stronger then I have been in years ! Thank you so much.
-Joyce Kavanaugh

Up and Running

I’ve been a runner for 23 years (since 1985) and I have overcome my own share of injuries. This year, for the first time, I sustained a stress fracture in my left hip, as well as torn labrum (cartilage) as I trained for the Boston Marathon.

Before PT, I was on crutches for a month. Working with Aracelli and Michael, they were able to help me unwind the injury while I worked on strengthening the areas around it. Each week, we regrouped and they tailored that day’s PT to suit specifics of my progress. On top of that, I was impressed with Michael and Aracelli’s relentless pursuit of new information on MF release which enhances their practice.

The yellow ball was great for me to do my own Myofascial Release at home, so that I was making progress between my sessions. Aracelli and Michael understand that progress is something that YOU must participate in. It comes from you. That spirit makes the PT what it ought to be. Effective. I’m on my feet, up and running and aiming for Boston next year. Preventative PT with regular visits in the future is a likely part of my future training.

Thank you Aracelli and Michael. I’ll see you at the finish line.
– Tim Monti-Wohlpart

That Special Touch

I have been to many centers that offer physical therapy, but they often do not include the most important aspect of healing – consistent human contact. Imagine someone spending an hour with you. They do not have other patients at the same time, they don’t run in and out of the treatment room, and they work with your body every minute of your time. You will get an education on how your body is connected and of how the relaxation of tight muscle fibers can lead to both the mitigation of pain and more fluid movements. On two occasions I have come to their office in severe pain, and I was unable to stand up straight. Getting off their table was a revelation; the pain was gone from my back, and my posture was normal. I could stand up straight. The experience for me is always calming and rejuvenating. The two therapists at Southwest Physical Therapy are lovely people. Thanks, guys!
-Art Baur