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Case Study

Let me start out by saying that at my first session at Southwest I was in severe pain, desperate for help. At the same time, because my previous experiences with physical therapy were not very helpful, and because I was concerned that Myofascial Release might have some kind of mystical orientation, I was frankly skeptical. And also, in the state I was in, afraid it would not work. However, my doubts and fears were soon dispelled by results. And even though I still don’t feel that I have a clear understanding of how it works, I do know this: Myofascial Release works. I have experienced it.

My story is that I came to Southwest Physical at a point when I was nearly incapacitated by lower back pain, so that I could not walk more than a few steps without having to stop and bend over t o get relief. It was very difficult for me to even leave the house to go anywhere. I had to miss about three weeks of work. I was becoming fearful of not being able to make a recovery. My wife, who had gone there, talked me into making an appointment. I count it as my good fortune that Southwest is located near my house.

Previous rounds of physical therapy never did me much good; the treatments were generic, not individualized, therapeutic exercises were prescribed without sufficient attention to proper form, and it felt like an assembly line. During the sessions, the therapists would be running over to the many other patients who were there at the same time.

Southwest is very different. At the first session I met Michael and Aracelli and I immediately discerned that this was not any kind of physical therapy I had experience before. In the first place the sessions were one to one for the entire hour. I found in the first session I was able to get some immediate relief, and with it, hope. I also found the atmosphere at Southwest to be healing, serene and calming. Therapists Michael and Aracelli, were reassuring and helped me to relax. Amy, the receptionist, is another calm and caring presence at the clinic. At some sessions Michael treated me, at others Aracelli treated me. I found them both to be genuinely respectful, caring, emphatic and professional. They listened to what I told them, and they listened to -and felt- what my body was saying. They helped me as well to become more aware of what my body was saying. They treat the patient as whole person, not just a machine, or a particular body part. I felt that they “got it” in terms of what was going on with me. Both Michael and Aracelli are upbeat and they project a very positive attitude towards their work.

Because I am also a clinical psychologist, I have an understanding of what goes into what we call “the therapeutic alliance” between therapist and patient. I don’t mean to imply that Myofascial Release is psychotherapy but there are some features in common, in terms of the relationship between patient and therapist but also in regard to the non-separateness of mind-body.

In between sessions, I do my homework exercises and self- treatment assignments that Michael and Aricelli have given me. Over time, I have been able to make further progress, regained a great deal of mobility, and I have no doubt that I will continue in this direction

– A Grateful Client