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Back Pain

Back pain can be considered to be the one of the most prominent disorders in today’s world. To be in tandem with the busy and tight schedule, people hardly get time to lay emphasis on their health which leads to overwhelming disorders. Many times, they think that back pain gets treated on its own. But, that is not how this kind of pain is solved and ignoring such issues could lead to a much severe standard of living in the future.

Now, back pain can also be caused due to stiffness in the fascia which runs throughout the body. In such a case undergoing Myofascial Release acts effective in the reduction of the pain and elimination of restricted motion.

Tired with Painkillers and Surgeries?

It is to be noted that many people suffering from back pain often go to doctors who prescribe them painkillers. They are often suggested to undergo surgeries. If the patient doesn’t get cured after the enactment of such measures, he/she is given another prescription of stronger pills. This process keeps getting continued and yields no fruitful results. These synthetic painkillers often have numerous side effects. 

To avoid all such complications it is advisable to undergo myofascial release therapy. This process is very effective in finding the solution to the pain from its very source. Hence, back pain is no exception. At first the therapist runs his/her hand on the body to be aware of the area of stiffness in fascia. Later, gentle manual pressure is applied on that spot until the tissue is released. To sum it up in a line, myofascial release is an incredible find in the field of physiotherapy.

Other perks of Myofascial Release Therapy

Here at Southwest Physical Therapy, we believe that restoring body wellness and balance is a journey. We offer you the push to embark on it and also accompany you to find solutions in case of difficulties. The therapy sessions provided by us focuses on the all-round development of a human body. The changes or benefits one may notice after undergoing myofascial release include:

  • Relaxed breathing
  • Increase in stamina
  • Climbing steep stairs with ease
  • Getting a perfect sleep every night
  • Not feeling stress

Therefore, apart from finding a perfect solution for your back pain, you can also contact us for a better and tension free living.

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