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Fascia is a connective tissue which runs throughout the body and provides support and stability to the muscles and the internal organs. Are you suffering from tremendous pain in the neck? If yes, it can be due to stiffness in the fascia at a particular spot. Fascia is  a connective tissue and therefore stiffness at a particular spot can be the cause for pain in other parts of the body. It can also be caused due to the poor alignment of bones in the neck and improper posture and stress. 

Pain in the neck is frequently accompanied by a few other health issues such as –

  • Migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Pain in Jaw and Ears

Now stiffness in the fascia and poor alignment of the bones can be caused due to a surgery, accident, exhaustion or some activity of which you might not be aware of.

The good news is you don’t have to endure such pain

Myofascial Release Therapy has emerged to be the most viable option to cure a pain from its roots and restore body balance. Undergoing this therapy helps to release the stiff fascia surrounding the brain, spinal cord and in turn resulting relief from immense pain. It is effective in proper alignment of bones which lessens the chances of future neck pain, migraines and headaches. 

We at Southwest Physical Therapy provides patients with Myofascial release therapy sessions to solve neck pain. To speak about it in detail, at first the therapist runs his/her finger over an entire body to detect the area of fascia stiffness. Once identified, gentle manual pressure is applied on the area until the fascia is completely released. Availing this therapy also gives a tremendous amount of mental satisfaction and also helps to put both mind and body in sync. To add on, myofascial release hardly has any side effect as it is the most organic way to solve any sort of pain.

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