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Now live a pain-free life with Myofascial Release Therapy


Neck injuries can turn out to be really painful and irritating. It can be caused due to various reasons and might involve any of the tissue in the neck. Being the pivotal portion of the human body in a literal sense, pain in the neck can be considered to be a steep hurdle in the way of free movement. Myofascial Release Therapy acts as a perfect remedy to eliminate such health issues. Fascia can be defined as a mesh of tissues that run throughout the body covering bones and muscles. These tissues can become stiff due to strain, inflammation, sprain, exhaustion and various other factors. It causes various health issues including severe neck pain. To add on as fascia tissues are interconnected, the area of pain can sometimes not be close to the source of injury.

Myofascial Release Technique has accentuated the effectiveness of physiotherapy by a number of notches. This process involves the detection of the area of stiff fascia. Soon after figuring it out, light manual pressure is applied by the therapist in that particular area. The intention behind this act is to loosen up the sprained tissues. This, in turn, reduces pain and helps in seamless movement.

We provide the best services related to Myofascial Release Technique. Stop your suffering from neck pain and book an appointment with us now. Southwest Physical Therapy believes in the concept of customer-centric service and emphasizes on the all-round well-being of a human body. We have licensed therapists who have expertise in finding the root cause of soreness and bring back a human body to its ideal state.

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