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True Pain Relief


A physical symptom is a sign or a communication from the body that there is an imbalance of energy in the system. Treating only the physical symptom is to mask the root of the problem and not get true pain relief.

For many years, the body has been regarded as a sum of unrelated parts. Western medicine looks upon the body as a physical, biomechanical machine that is controlled by the brain and the nervous system. Eastern medicine sees the body as the sum of its parts: a whole, integrated system made up of different levels including mental, spiritual and emotional energies. Holistic medicine infers that we look at the “whole” person.

Thousandas of years ago there was a split between religion and science and in the West the body came to be viewed as an intricate mechanism separate from the spirit…oops! That isn’t going to work out very well for us, is it? When there is a physical symptom it is a sign or a communication from the body that there is an imbalance of mental, spiritual and emotional energy in the system. Treating only the physical symptom is to mask the root of the problem.

In Eastern medicine there is a vital force known as Ki that animates this biomechanical machine. In India it is known as Prana and in China it is known as Chi. When Ki energy leaves the body it becomes lifeless. We are more than just a physical body that we can see and touch.

Why is it so hard for us to believe that we are made of energy? Just because we cannot see it we think it can’t be possible. Everything in this world, from the sunshine that warms your skin to the water that quenches your thirst, is made of energy. Energy is simply information that vibrates or moves; these energies that move at slow speed, you can see and touch them like the chair you are sitting on, the desk you are leaning on or the body you are living in! Other energies vibrate faster like radio waves, microwaves or email transmissions that you send and receive daily; they are invisible but you know they exist.

Our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings are also energy that vibrates at a higher rate, you don’t see them but you do feel them…or maybe you don’t. When you don’t feel or acknowledge them, push them down without expressing them they pile up and become dense unconscious, unreadable chunks of chaos, vibrating slower and slower, causing physical restrictions and pain in your body and affecting your ability to make conscious decisions. As we work with you and our energies resonate, you begin to lighten up and release those heavy restrictions. Together we discover other factors that are contributing to your physical pain: unconscious emotions, fears, anxieties, stress and tensions, that have been trapped and buried in your fascia and building up in your body for years… you connect with these seemingly unrelated restrictions that lie hidden in different parts of your body. As you feel and understand them, you release the pain and a transformation occurs… as the restrictions are released, there is clarity and you become more present in your life and are more likely to make conscious choices that will benefit you.

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