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What is Pelvic Pain?


An ache in the lowest part of the abdomen and the pelvis region is generally known as the pelvic pain. Now it can be caused due to various factors out of which stiffness in the fascia can be considered to be one of the most prominent ones. This pain can be both severe and mellow. Many a time, it has been seen that the adherence of fascia to the urethra or urinary bladder can create an environment for infection. The reason behind this is the improper elimination of waste products and toxic substances which are secreted from the body cells. Stiffness of the fascia tissue around the urinary bladder act as a barrier in the way of bladder enlargement and in turn lessens the holding capacity. As a result, the person suffering from such disorder might be compelled to urinate frequently yielding immense pain. In the case of females, strangled or stiff fascia around uterus and ovaries can cause certain health issues such as menstrual pain and endometriosis.

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