Crystal Healing Bed
Published on: April 15, 2020

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

A Crystal Healing Bed to Accelerate Your Wonderful Transformation

After having lived a powerful healing experience from cancer at the Casa de Dom Inácio, a spiritual healing center in Abadiânia in central Brazil last year, I decided to add a Crystal Light Bed to our Southwest Physical Therapy Clinic in Brooklyn, for it is one of the highly effective and latest healing modalities being used down there and around the world. I immediately knew that this, in tandem with Myofascial Release Therapy, would accelerate your transformation more seamlessly and complete to get you back on track to a lighter and more enjoyable life. I realized to properly install it here, I would have to prepare a soundproof room so that your experience can be more profound and personal. The Crystal Light Bed effortlessly balances and leads us along the path to self-realization to discover our inner self. After just one session you feel energized and grounded with greater clarity of thought and ability to focus.

I recall it was the dead of winter 2013, exactly two days prior to New Year’s Eve, and Carlo and his crew were bringing in the extra-thick 5/8 inch sheetrock, rolls of insulation, plaster, 2×4’s, saws, screw guns, and ladders. They began construction of the soundproof Crystal Bed Lightroom first. The walls were extended to 10 1/2 feet straight up all the way to the ceiling and filled with insulation. The room was also expanded another four feet into the waiting area and finished off with a solid door.

The first Myofascial Release Therapy Session Room near the windows also grew an additional 4 feet toward the Crystal Bed Room and was also finished with a door, completing the wonderful ambience of two private, serenely quiet & soothingly relaxing rooms. We always offer the best to our beloved patients in all aspects here at Southwest Physical Therapy.

It was so inspiringly fun and exciting watching Carlo and his men do their magic as the positive vibes and energy in the clinic animated us all and helped carry us through its final design. It was like watching an HGTV show live in your own office or home.

In the meantime, our Crystal Bed was at that very precise moment being bureaucratically hung up in Customs’ red tape. On two separate occasions we attempted to explain to them exactly what it was…this cumbersome inconvenience went on for weeks. Finally, after disenchantedly having resigned myself and relented any hope of ever getting my Crystal Bed out from Customs… I jokingly told Aracelli, “I bet that Crystal Bed is waiting for its eventual room to be built!”

The construction was supposed to be completed in 3 days but it took 3 more days. It was 5:30 PM on a stormy cold Friday night as the workers left our newly renovated and superbly transformed Southwest Physical Therapy Clinic.

The following day Aracelli and I begun to dutifully sweep, mop, dust and tidy up our Clinic we’re so proud of. Two hours later after we had just finished leaving it impeccably spotless, there was a knock on the door and a cold delivery man announced, “FedEx, will you accept delivery?” And the rest is history and destiny. How sweet it is. Southwest Physical Therapy  – always here for you at your service to transform the quality of your life in improvement.

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