Age-Related Health Issues Men Must Be Conscious Of
Published on: December 24, 2021

Published By: Southwest Myofascial Release

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Health begs to differ when people say, “Age is just a number”. If you don’t try to prevent the issues that arise with age by taking the necessary precautions and being careful, you risk aggravating them. You go a long way to enhance your overall sense of well being when you keep track of the little changes in your body, regularly work out, and stick to a healthy diet. 

In addition, the chances of acquiring or developing certain health conditions and ailments increase with advancing age, so you must also be conscious of this. So that you can take care of your health better, in this article Southwest Myofascial Release gives you an idea about the same and their consequences. 

Type-2 Diabetes

Men must also be on the lookout for the silent killer that is Type-2 Diabetes. While at first it seems harmless, this condition can fatally lead to diabetic ketoacidosis, where your insulin-generating system breaks down completely. At first, any symptoms can go unnoticed; this is why you should frequently test your blood glucose levels if diabetes is in your family tree. 

Diabetes can be prevented to a huge extent with a lifestyle that’s healthy and includes exercising regularly and a low-carb diet. To keep obesity at bay, it is important to stay in proper form and shape because it is one of diabetes’ main causes. To reduce the chances of developing diabetes, it is essential for all men to participate in approximately 29 minutes of physical activity that’s rigorous, such as gymming,  jogging, or free-hands. 

Cardiovascular Woes

Aging men are at an increased risk of stroke-inducing heart diseases. The chances of developing serious cardiovascular damages that can be fatal may increase due to issues in the formation of clots or when our arterial walls have thickened due to an accumulation of plaque.

A healthy diet with good protein full of minerals, fiber, and vitamins should be followed by you to prevent this. Your intake of junk foods, carbs, refined sugar, and aerated drinks that increase your blood pressure and your level of cholesterol must also be reduced by you. Additionally, to stay healthy and fit you should also exercise regularly, at least by walking a few miles.

Cancers of Certain Types 

There are numerous factors that may contribute to the development of lung cancer, such as an increase in air pollution and smoking. This painful and ugly disease is also developed by passive smokers at alarmingly high rates.

The causes of prostate cancer, on the other hand, still are relatively unclear. The cells are said to start dividing rapidly, leading to abnormal growth and mutations. These cells spread cancer fast by reaching other organs quickly after also breaking off from the parent gland, thus spreading cancer. In some lucky cases, the process can be reversed with the help of changes in the lifestyle and proper treatment following diagnosis.

Sexual Dysfunction

Men tend to lose their libido as they advance in age, and they can suffer from other issues too, such as premature ejaculation (PE), which affects both their life in general and their health. Premature ejaculation can lead to psychological issues such as depression and lack of motivation. There can be underlying causes for it, such as an infection in the urethra, hormonal imbalance, prostate enlargement, or stress. You should consult a urologist or general practitioner if the causes of your premature ejaculation are physiological; they will be able to diagnose and treat the problem accordingly. But you can also do some research on the effectiveness of delay sprays if they are not; that way, you can last longer in bed. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is sometimes closely linked with the issues of PE. To ensure a quicker recovery, be very clear about these issues with your doctor. 

Renal Kidney Diseases

Our body is detoxified by our kidneys and an electrolyte balance is also maintained by them. Age decreases their efficiency, and a complete failure may occur in men, because of the poor management of other health conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes.

A kidney may need to be removed when this happens, or be replaced with that of a donor; these are both quite complicated and uncomfortable processes. . 

All other health issues should be kept in check in order to help avoid all that; this can be accomplished with the regulation of your body weight and controlling drug dependence, by reducing the amount of sugar and salt in your diet and limiting your intake of alcohol and quitting tobacco products, etc. Southwest Myofascial Release is confident that, by now, you know the drill. To avoid complications later on in life, we must ensure to follow a healthy lifestyle, because failures of the kidney that are chronic can be irreversible.

Most men fail to realize how grave a situation can be, as they are ignorant of their health. It is certainly worth the effort when the aforementioned risks can be reduced just by you modifying your lifestyle with some simple changes to it. The quality of life is always something that’s important to focus on after all, because the length of your life is also determined by it. Southwest Myofascial Release truly cares about our family of loyal patients, and that care is not limited to just the treatment sessions we provide inside our clinic. We are concerned about your health all of the time, and are always wishing you the very best in your life. God gave us the resources to take care of you, but you must also care for yourself with healthy living: a healthy lifestyle of a balanced diet and healthy activity as prevention medicine. Call us TODAY for the healing of chronic pain and limited mobility with myofascial release therapy

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