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Are You Tired of Living in Pain?

Your mysterious pain is your body trying to tell you that something else is going on. Your body is a network of intelligent connective tissue or fascia, that records all physical, mental and emotional trauma. At Southwest we discover other factors that are contributing to your physical pain: unconscious emotions, fears, anxieties, stress and tensions, that have been trapped and buried in your fascia and building up in your body for years. During a series of treatments, you connect with these seemingly unrelated restrictions that lie hidden in different parts of your body. As you feel and understand them, you release the pain and a transformation occurs… as the restrictions are released, you become more present in your life and are more likely to make conscious life choices that will benefit you. You do not have to live with pain. Our approach to Physical Therapy is a unique and highly effective technique to relieve pain, restore motion and greatly enhance personal growth .

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