Water Should Be Drinked at the Right Time
Published on: January 13, 2022

Published By: Southwest Myofascial Release

Drinking Water

Drinking Water at the Correct Time Has Its Great Effects

Water is extremely important for your body because, to be alive, it is one of the most essential needs – or rather, must-haves. It helps everything out in varying degrees. Without eating any food for several days your body can last, but your health would be very negatively impacted if you were to last just one day without precious water. Death can certainly arrive if one doesn’t drink water for several days. However, drinking water ‘on time’ possesses a healthiness you can’t find with simply drinking it at random. You’ll know the best times to drink water, as well as the benefits of drinking water, after reading this great, complete article from Southwest Myofascial Releaseyour experts in the tune-up of physical therapy: Myofascial Release Therapy! Enjoy! 

In order to stay hydrated, our body must be fed water several times a day. But remember: neither ideal health in all environmental conditions nor ample hydration can be ensured by any single level of water consumption. Dehydration leads to fatigue, feeling lethargic without energy, memory lapse, weight gain issues, a weak immune system and headaches. The heart has to work harder because the blood becomes thicker when the body loses more fluids. A dehydrated person loses the ability to reason and cannot think straight. 

Drinking from 25% to 50% of your body weight in ounces of water every day is the ideal way to stay hydrated at all times. For instance, you would have to consume between 35 to 70 ounces of water per day if your weight is 140 pounds. Most importantly, it is all about being hydrated, not about how much water you drink or can drink. The cost of dehydration on your health is such a huge impact that must be avoided. 

The quantity to be consumed of it is dependent upon the person. Some people require more water than others because they might have a more active lifestyle or sweat more profusely. The person’s age is also a factor in determining how much water a person’s body requires. Keep in mind that water can also be derived from milk, coffee, beverage drinks, foods, vegetables, and fruits. 

Never wait until you get thirsty. When you feel that thirst, it could be a sign that you’re already dehydrated. So rehydrate often and avoid getting thirsty. Never again should you wait to get thirsty! If you haven’t already done so, get into the habit of having water with you at all times, especially when you’re traveling or outside your home. You might be mildly dehydrated if you’re having trouble concentrating or if you have headaches. Those signs of dehydration will promptly disappear once you rehydrate by drinking water.

Just keep in mind that some people may need more water per day, while others need less. Never overdo it, though, because even with water there can be toxicity due to such a thing as ‘too much’. Yes, it can certainly be bad for you to drink too much water! Water toxicity is caused by excessive drinking of water and can even result in death. 1 to 2 liters of water to drink per day is a good limit to keep. 

So you’ll know how to stay hydrated at all times during the day. Southwest Myofascial Release put together the following very useful tips for you to use. 

Enough Water Should Be Consumed Daily

The fluid that is leaving your body is also increased when enough water is consumed. Kidney stones are prevented by this and your body is detoxified. Water consumption should be increased to the point where each day you’re consuming half your body weight in ounces.

Consume More Fruits and Vegetables

Many vegetables and fruits are hydrating foods that contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. In your daily diet you should include such great fruits as citrus fruits, berries, pineapple, kiwi, tomatoes, and watermelon. In the vegetable department of your plate, you should have broccoli, spinach, radishes, carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, and celery. Vegetables and fruits aid in hydration because they are rich in nutritious fluids that help prevent an imbalance in electrolytes. 

Sea Salt Should Be Used

Potassium levels and water are effectively balanced by sea salt, thus promoting hydration. Hydration is enhanced by the sodium content of potassium and sea salt in the body. To help in keeping you hydrated, sea salt should always be included in your food.

You Should Exercise Regularly

The electrolyte levels in your body are improved and blood circulation is increased with regular exercise. It helps you stay hydrated when there’s an  increase in circulation within your body. It can help you with hydration when you have an increase in movement, whether you’re doing weight training, cardiovascular exercises, or are just active all day long.

What is the amount of water you should drink per day? Southwest Myofascial Release advises you to drink an average of eight glasses of water every day, but it is equally important that you drink water promptly and ‘on time’.

That’s because the effectiveness of water on the human body is maximized when you drink your water at the correct time. 

Water is what your body is mostly composed of. As a matter of fact, water makes up over 66% of the human body! That’s how important water is, that even the Earth is mostly composed of it and rain replenishes it. Negative effects will promptly be noticeable on your health if lost fluids are not replenished in your body. It is important to rehydrate your body all the time by drinking water, as some of these reasons can highlight:

Protection from Stomach Ulcers

During digestion, the stomach is protected from the acidic fluids by its mucous lining. Digestive problems such as acid stomach and heartburn can be caused by a dehydrated body because poor mucous lining is a result of dehydration. The stomach lining eventually becomes ulcerous with the severity of this. So to prevent this from happening, your body needs to be rehydrated.   

Studies have suggested it is at a specific time of the day that you should drink water. To maximize water’s effectiveness on your body, it’s more about when to drink it, rather than just about drinking 8 to 10 glasses of it on a daily basis. Immediate health benefits are provided when you drink water at the correct time, such as lower blood pressure, good digestion, and avoidance of heart attacks and strokes.

Prevent Constipation and Digestive Problems

The body’s elimination of waste becomes problematic due to dehydration. Digestive problems such as constipation, gas bloating, loss of appetite, irritable bowel syndrome, and stomach pain can be prevented when you drink water at the correct time.

Prevention of Fatigue and Tiredness 

The feeling of fatigue and tiredness is the first sign of dehydration. A person becomes lazy and lethargic when energy cannot be produced by their body because there isn’t enough water. However, recovery is very quick when the person rehydrates their body by drinking plenty of water once again.

Your Metabolism Is Increased By Water 

The ability of your body to burn calories can increase by drinking enough water. This is because, to process whatever is coming in, your body has to work harder every time you eat or drink. Consequently, when you drink more water the rate of your metabolism increases. Southwest Myofascial Release did a study where the metabolic rate of participants increased by 30% when they drank 16 ounces of water. We added that caloric burn can be increased by a whopping 200 calories merely by increasing the daily intake of water by 1.5 liters.  

Energy Can Be Boosted by Water

During a workout, your energy level can be boosted by drinking water. Doing more strenuous exercises when you have more energy will keep you burning that excess fat and those calories. More oxygen and nutrients are brought to your muscles by more water in your body that also helps keep you focused on your workout. Remember to stay hydrated the next time you’re doing your exercise routines. You’ll gain enough energy for going through those punishing workout routines of yours, not just feel refreshed afterward. 

Now, avoid diseases and stay healthy by discovering from Southwest Myofascial Release when to drink your water:

After Waking Up, Drink Water 

In the morning upon waking up, the body is usually dehydrated (at least semi-dehydrated), so it’s important to drink water then. Your body slowly becomes dehydrated as you sleep because you’re not drinking any fluids during the hours you’re sleeping, which is usually 8 long hours for the body. It helps to purify and clean your body’s internal organs when you drink water before eating anything in the morning. Your body is encouraged to produce new blood, or hematopoiesis, when after waking up you immediately drink four glasses of water, or in the morning you drink 160 ml of water four times. The body can absorb more nutrients like that and it also aids in the cleaning of your colon.

Before A Meal, Drink Water 

Digestion is aided when you drink water at the correct time, particularly before every meal. The digestive process is improved from the intestines to the mouth when you drink water. In order for the food to be easily broken down by your saliva, your mouth needs hydration. Your body can absorb the solids in your intestines with help from the water, and can then pass the waste for elimination.

Southwest Myofascial Release recommends that, before eating, you should drink more water if you want to lose weight and are on a diet. This is because you eat less when you drink water first since you already feel full from the water. More calories are also burned with the help from the water.

After A Meal, Drink Water 

We recommend that after each meal you drink one glass of water. However, we do not advocate you drink while eating. The nutrients are efficiently absorbed by the body, thanks to this. Water ensures that when you eat foods rich in fiber, there won’t be any problems for the fiber to pass through your digestive system. Constipation may also be prevented by this. Water makes the breakdown of the food easier, as well as its transportation through your intestines, so digestion becomes more efficient.

Before Bathing, Drink Water 

Your blood pressure can be lowered if prior to bathing you drink one glass of water. So that your blood vessels may become dilated in order for your blood pressure to drop, it’s best for the water to be warm. Another reason why blood pressure lowers is that the sodium levels in your body also become diluted by the drinking of water.

Before Going to Bed, Drink Water 

The risk of heart attack and stroke is lowered when you are fully hydrated before going to sleep. Cardiovascular disease’s risk factors are elevated in a dehydrated body, specifically when it comes to strokes and heart attacks. The reason why heart attacks love to put in cameos mostly in the morning is because loss of water causes the blood to thicken. So the best way to keep your body hydrated as you sleep is to sip on a glass of water right before calling it a night.

You Will Lose Weight With The Help of Drinking Water 

A study recently showed water’s effectiveness in helping the body lose weight and keep it off for an entire year. You are filled up quickly when you drink more water before eating, as it helps make you feel full and eat less than usual. Furthermore, you won’t really feel hungry if you consume more than 3 liters of water for the whole day. Your metabolism also works much better when it’s working with a rehydrated body.

You’ll Know If You’re Really Hungry By Drinking Water

Drinking water before every meal is drinking water at the correct time and can help you feel full. Nevertheless, you can also pinpoint whether you’re just thirsty or really hungry with the help of water. There are times when you’re just really thirsty yet think you’re hungry. To determine if you’re really hungry when the symptoms of hunger are upon you, such as a gurgling stomach, low energy levels, and lightheadedness, try drinking water first.

To Reduce Your Intake of Other Unhealthy Drinks, Drink Water 

Your cravings for soda pop and other high-calorie beverage drinks are reduced when more water is consumed by you. It’s better to reduce coffee drinks and soda by increasing your water intake.

Weight Loss for Good, Baby!

You can lose weight and keep it off by drinking more water, as we stated above from our recent study. Multiple overweight women and men were included in the study, losing an average of 4.5 pounds more in only 3 months than the ‘placebo’ group who abstained from drinking water before a meal, by gulping 2 eight-ounce glasses right before eating. Every participant was prescribed a daily 1,500 calorie diet for men and a 1,200 calorie one for women. The study showed that more weight was lost by the participants after 1 year and that they continued to lose weight. An average of 1.5 pounds was lost after 1 year by the group that drank water before meals while an average of 2 pounds was gained by the group that refrained from drinking water. The intake of water before every meal was what this weight loss regimen was mainly attributed to, as it lowered the amount of the participants’ food intake. 

Pure Healthy Water Has No Substitute 

It is also important for your overall health that you ensure the quality of the water you are drinking. Important minerals needed for your body to stay healthy are contained in water that is pure and clean. Just to be on the safe side, investing in a water filter system to guarantee healthy, great-tasting water every day will never be a bad idea.

A loss of stamina and strength can also be due to dehydration. It is heat exhaustion’s main cause. At such a stage dehydration can be reversed with the drinking of more fluids. The risk of kidney stones increases as kidney function can be affected by ongoing dehydration that’s chronic. Indications that your body is failing to compensate for dehydration are symptoms such as general weakness, muscle cramps, and lightheadedness. The situation could get worse particularly when there’s nausea and vomiting.

As for water and muscle soreness, yes, muscle soreness and stiffness can arise from dehydration; those are some of the effects of water on muscles because your muscles need water too.

If you drink water before and during exercises and are not dehydrated, your muscles will experience the following effects of water on muscles:

  • Your muscles will be able to work longer and harder
  • The repair of your muscles will be better
  • The growth of your muscles will be more effective
  • Your muscle function/muscle contraction will be more effective and proper
  • The fatigue and soreness of your muscles will be reduced
  • The spasms and crampings in your muscles will be decreased

Those are some of the effects of water on muscles, of how your muscles are affected by water during exercise. The recovery period is made to feel even worse by dehydration. Drinking water eradicates feelings of soreness and speeds up recovery time; your muscles are kept in proper working order and toxins are removed from your body. 

Water helps a body be active, and the more active you are, the more water you should drink. It’s even a sort of lubricant for the body and the joints because it also helps keep the cartilage in your joints hydrated, soft and pliable, and helps in physical therapy.

 That’s right, your joint health is also affected by the amount of water you drink in a day. Not drinking enough water daily or even small amounts of dehydration are cause for joint pain. To help maintain motion between the joints and reduce friction, the cartilage tissue cells and the synovial fluid need water. Symptoms may be severe or mild, depending on the specific condition or the degree of dehydration. Overall body pains and aches occur when fluid is pulled out of your tissues by dehydration. Your joint pain could have a number of reasons for it: You could have the flu, gout, chronic dehydration or arthritis. Your joint pain may not be completely cured by an increase in your water intake, but joint pain is reduced and your body will better handle the underlying issues causing the pain. 

Glucosamine helps cartilage absorb water, which produces a reduction in joint pain. 

Increasing your daily intake of clean water is one of the easiest ways to reduce pain. 

The color of your urine is an indicator of your level of hydration. Drinking too much water keeps the urine completely clear. You must increase your water intake if your urine has a strong odor and is very dark, because you undoubtedly are dehydrated. 

With just drinking 20.3 oz (600ml) of water, a body of standard weight can alleviate mild dehydration within 45 minutes.

Drinking enough water at the correct time and enjoying myofascial release therapy will certainly help tremendously. 

Water is all too important for your overall health because it is essential to your survival, a must that is indispensable. It is so important for every form of LIFE that Southwest Myofascial Release made sure we wrote a nice thorough article on it JUST FOR YOU! We hope you enjoyed it and learned plenty from it because we truly care about your health. 

Now that you know the benefits of drinking water at the correct time, you must also know that here at Southwest Myofascial Release we specialize in healing chronic pain all over the body and limited range of motion with the best hands-on treatment called Myofascial Release Therapy. We offer you a FREE consultation with no obligation. You learn all about it right here on our website and can make your appointment for healing online or by phone. A well-hydrated body that has had myofascial release is a happy, well-functioning one. We’d love to hear from you just to know you’re alright, so contact us TODAY, family. And keep on taking very good care of yourself, your health, enriching your knowledge of everything healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Godspeed.

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