Fascia Needs Myofascial Release
Published on: September 24, 2021

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Fascia Needs Myofascial Release

In the fictional Star Wars, a Jedi is given his power by the Force. All living things create the energy field that is the Force. We are surrounded and penetrated by it. The  galaxy is bound together by it.

In the galaxy of our body, something called fascia binds our body all together, from every cell to every nerve to every muscle to every organ to every bone.A restriction in a nearby “planet” like your glutes or hip flexors, or in a “satellite” that’s even more distant like your foot, could be the cause of that low back pain you’re feeling because everything within you is connected to everything else. 

Your ability to perform at your best and your experience of pain are hugely impacted by this continuity — whether you are a weekend warrior, an elite athlete, or simply a person who wants to make sure you’re good, to feel good enough to live a quality of life the way you want to live.

There’s a probability you heard a buzz about fascia and that’s why you’re reading this blog. 

You likely wish to know more about the benefits of myofascial release therapy and so you’re learning more about the science of fascia. Great for you for being interested in something so important and essential that, sadly, still is considered alternative because it hasn’t gone full mainstream.

Whether you’re simply seeking some self-care tips on living pain-free or your goal is to improve your range of motion and performance, your knowledge will deepen with your reading of the blogs in this website because a clear understanding of fascia will be provided to you; you’ll know why it matters so much and how important it is, and why it is critical to your health and longevity to have myofascial release therapy executed properly by a specialist. It is on a weekly basis that scientific research on fascia is expanding, so Southwest Physical Therapy will continue to update the information on this website with the growth of our collective understanding of fascia.  

We greatly appreciate your sticking with us as our website takes you on an epic journey through the gorgeous galaxy that is your human body. Southwest Physical Therapy shows you what you are really made of and how to take care of your myofascia and fascia. It is cell-to-cell that your body is meticulously woven together, so it can perfectly adapt to how you use it. However, based on how our body is used or misused by us, those adaptations can sometimes begin to restrict mobility or cause pain.  

With your knowledge of fascia and your myofascial release therapy treatment sessions here at Southwest Physical Therapy, your tissues will be remodeled to facilitate a better flow of mind and body for you. Myofascial release therapy has the power to decrease or eliminate pain, improve your mental health and performance, as well as elevate awareness of your inner space. You now know how wise you are for seeking the effectiveness of myofascial release therapy. Southwest Physical Therapy will release your restricted fascia to eliminate your chronic pain and so you can move much better. That way, the Force may be with you!

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