Give your patients authentic physical therapy

Myofascial Release Therapy Works!

Southwest Myofascial Release on-demand practice offers independence, whether you’re just looking for extra work or want to see patients full-time.

Now inviting therapists to join Southwest Myofascial Release


Set your own schedule

Set your own schedule. We’ll handle the billing, booking and marketing

Treat committed patients

Treat patients that are committed to restoring their mobility without surgeries, prescriptions, or injections

See your clients’ health restore

Spend 60 minutes on each appointment with your patient, and see them for their entire transformative journey

Here’s why to join Southwest Myofascial Release

If you’re interested in providing care with Southwest Myofascial Release, we’d love to learn about you so we can tell you more.

We believe Myofascial Release Therapy is the better way to treat patients.

It takes technique, technology, and equitable compensation


  • Southwest Myofascial Release follows the John Barnes institute manual touch technique

  • Transform your patients lives with authentic physical therapy

  • Help your patients become flexible again without stretching

  • Provide a natural healing solution to your patients


  • Get Concierge support from the Southwest Myofascial Release team whenever you need it

  • Continuous learning through value added resources and workshops

  • Participate in Myofascial Release events remote or live

  • Track all appointments and clients via the Mindbody app on any device


  • Attractive compensation that is industry competitive

  • Get paid per appointment

  • Get paid weekly

We cannot heal our patients without you

Southwest empowers your career goals. Whether you need full a schedule of patients, or just supplement your standing clinic hours, Southwest Myofascial Release offers the vehicle to create just what you need.

To see patients with Southwest Myofascial Release, you’ll need:

  • PT License
  • 3+ Years of experience working with patients
  • Background check
  • PT License
  • 3+ Years of experience working with patients
  • Background check

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