Back Pain with Myofascial Release Therapy
Published on: May 13, 2020

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Get Relief from Back Pain with Myofascial Release Therapy

Back pain is a major health issue commonly faced by many Americans, due to the daily hectic schedule followed in tandem with corporate life. Scarcity of time doesn’t allow people the privilege of investing time in looking after their most precious gift – “health” which equals life, a peaceful high-quality one. Negligence leads to the emergence of these terrible ills. Synthetic medical aids such as painkillers may act as momentary or temporary relief but are of no good in permanently resolving the issue. They actually make matters worse with all the devastating side effects they all entail.  

The testimonials demonstrate that Myofascial Release Therapy has lasting results. This unbelievable technique requires the application of adequate pressure on the myofascial tissue. The function of this tissue is to offer protection and support to the muscles and bones. The therapy we provide triggers the release of fascia that in turn relieves any pain caused by the sprain of the particular fascia tissue in an area. Ergo, Myofascial Release Therapy is highly effective in dramatically relieving back pain. We have already noted that fascia is interconnected and runs throughout the body and that, therefore a sprain at an area can lead to pain in other parts of the body.

This therapy session works in the most organic way where the specialized therapist massages specific parts of the body and loosens the stiff areas causing the pain. He/she then applies gentle pressure on the affected area to release the tension. The process is continued until the therapist knows that the tension has been completely released. Myofascial Release Therapy not just heals backaches but also induces all-around treatment. If you wish to wisely treat your body to such a game-changing therapy and bid farewell to severe lower back pain, visit our website and reserve your appointment right now.

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