Shoulder Pain Relief
Published on: September 20, 2020

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Get Relief from Shoulder Pain

Causes of shoulder pain:

According to physicians and physiotherapists, shoulder pain is the third most common musculoskeletal condition that they see in their clinics, after low back and neck pain.

Due to the ball and socket joint system, the shoulders tend to be susceptible to injury because of the inherently unstable design of the shoulder system.  The shoulders are the most mobile joint in the body but the price of this broad range of mobility is instability and tendency toward injury and dislocation. Ergo, this mobility unfortunately comes at the expense of stability, and that leaves the shoulder vulnerable to injury, says Clifford Stark, DO, medical director of Sports Medicine at Chelsea in New York City. 

The shoulders are ready for reaching, throwing, lifting, pushing and all sorts of twists, turns and bending, but this leaves them primed for injury.

Shoulder joint instability: 

Loose joints might seem cool in a yoga class because the range of motion is phenomenal, but the risk of dislocation isn’t cool at all.  It’s a common condition among athletes but can also occur due to trauma, and genetic makeup. 

Treatment includes strengthening rotator cuff muscles and scapular muscles to reduce dislocations. Taping is another treatment that is recommended.

Shoulder Tendonitis: 

As mentioned above, this area is infamous because rotator cuff pain and injuries are the most common of all the shoulder conditions. Most rotator cuff injuries result from repetitive stress on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the shoulder and scapula. Repetitive motions wear on that cuff and inflammation results, causing pain, limited mobility and your need for shoulder tendonitis treatment!

This condition often brings mild symptoms of shoulder weakness and pain in the beginning but continues to be aggravated over time. Treatment includes reduced activity, especially overhead movements, posture adjustments, changing movements, as well as  Myofascial Release Therapy is effective and massage.   

Myofascial Release Therapy relaxes the muscles involved so that they can loosen their grip on the bones and everything can relax back into place giving you quick shoulder pain relief. Southwest Physical Therapy cares for people and their peace and health. We make sure you enjoy a pain-free life. 

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