Great Tips for Post-Physical Therapy Treatment
Published on: March 21, 2020

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Treatment

Life After Your Southwest Physical Therapy Treatment Sessions: 

4 Great Tips for Post-Physical Therapy Treatment Care

The diploma that we caringly give you for your life after you successfully graduate from your physical therapy treatment sessions here at Southwest Physical Therapy is that we provide you with great tips as steps for you to follow for your post-physical therapy care. You are now empowered and ready to take on the day-to-day challenges every one of our patients must face post-therapy. These challenges will be anything from playing with the children, returning to a favorite activity, to tying your sneakers. You need to recognize how important it is, even after your formal treatment sessions have ended, for you to continue the steps you have taken to recovery. As you eagerly look forward with all hope to continue your success story from physical therapy, to maintain your just-regained health independence, Southwest Physical Therapy hereby shares with you the following few vitally essential areas you have to consider including 

into your daily schedule:

***Stay Active

Unfortunately, some folks live their lives in such a way that their treatment sessions at Southwest Physical Therapy is the time when they indulged in their most physical activity. Staying active is equivalent to healthy, much-needed exercise; therefore, it is very important to remember to continue to move your body around as much and as often as possible, as obtaining regular exercise to increase blood flow is a key recipe to healing and health. This applies to just about all our graduate patients who successfully complete rehabilitation. Just get going on the move and keep moving, baby! 

***Energize with the Right, Balanced Nutrition

Even in this age of information, people continue to all too often neglect the key elements of their wellness that always are their hydration and nutrition. Just think why it is said that we are what we eat. Food is what creates our body’s energy and is our fuel. We have to eat the right amount of food items that provide us the nutrients our body needs to repair damaged tissues. Nutrition might look different to a lot of people, but selecting the best fuel for your body can be as simple as adding more of that supplementary protein or healthy olive and fish fats in your diet. Hydration is vital to ensuring that those nutrients are propelled to the parts of the body that require repair. To ensure adequate hydration, we must be sure to drink at least half of our body weight in ounces because our bodies are 70 percent water. For athletes, one ounce of water/liquids per pound of body weight is recommended. 

***Repair, Recover, and Continue to Heal Your Body with Proper Sleep 

An important part of continuing your path to successful rehabilitation is getting enough proper rest. Most of our body’s repair work is done when we are sleeping. You won’t easily find a consensus about what and how much sleep constitutes proper sleep that is needed for each person…; however, the important thing is to stick with a consistent sleep routine where you get the same proper amount of sleep each night, especially when you ensure to obtain at least 7 hours and no more than 9 hours of it. Good sleep hygiene is generally a difference maker, as proper sleep affects both body and mind. Always get your proper rest so your body continues to repair, recover, and heal, baby, HEAL!

***Follow Your Home Exercise Program Religiously

Upon your successful graduation from Southwest Physical Therapy, your personal therapist provides you with your Home Exercise Program that we put together for you to continue regularly. It is a great tool that gives you everything you need to move forward after injury because it helps you continue your rehabilitation when you are no longer coming into our clinic. Oftentimes the vital key to  maintaining the success of post-treatment care is in your continuing to perform your Home Exercise Program as prescribed by your concerned therapist. You will be absolutely fine if you pay heed to every advice and recommendation Southwest Physical Therapy has shared with you for your life post-physical therapy treatment care and you make you to combine them with these four tips plus with your Home Exercise Program. And we are now a lifelong family, so you know you will forever be welcome to call and visit Southwest Physical Therapy as you see fit. Congratulations on your successful graduation!

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