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How is Myofascial release different?


People often have a query about how myofascial release therapy is different from the rest of the therapies, so we have hereby provided all such information related to the benefits of undergoing myofascial release therapy. It is a soft tissue therapy first developed/discovered by the very prominent physiotherapist John Barnes. The primary goal of this kind of therapy is to release the fascia tissue of your body which, in turn, helps you get rid of any kind of pain in your body. 

First, let’s talk about how fascia release therapy actually works. The first step of this therapy is to assess the entire body to locate the actual affected area of restriction or stiffness. Upon identification of the affected area, manual pressure is applied to it which helps to unwind, relax and stretch the strangled stiff fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue that runs throughout the human body providing protection and support to the muscles and bones. Therefore, strangulation or stiffness of this tissue at a particular spot can be the reason for myofascial pain in other parts of the body. It should be noted that the natural, healthy state of these tissues is more of a fluid than a solid or rigid state. In the event where the fascia becomes rigid, myofascial release works effectively in stretching it so it may revert to its natural state. When manual pressure is applied to the area that’s causing the pain, water flows through the capillaries which in turn rehydrate the tissue softening it and making it healthier. External pressure also leads to the release of Interleukin 8 which is an anti-inflammatory secretion that is produced by our body. This is why myofascial release therapy is known as the most organic way of healing, for it’s all-natural without any medications.There are several factors that separate myofascial release from all other methods of healing. Instead of forcing the tissues to release this therapy allows them to soften and release on their own. It is often said that MRT works with the human body and not on the body. Treating yourself to the wonders of our physiotherapy services from our expert therapists in myofascial release therapy will help you achieve your health dreams. We are confident that your reviewing our blog has helped answer all your questions and end all confusion about how myofascial release therapy differs from other treatment options such as surgeries, medicines, etc.

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