How is Myofascial Release Therapy Different?

How is Myofascial Release Therapy Different?

Southwest Physical Therapy

You quite frequently may have asked yourself how Myofascial Release Therapy is any different from conventional other treatments. The answer to such a question is described as follows: 

It is a therapeutic alternative medicine treatment, completely natural, in which we assess the whole body in search of the area(s) of restriction and tension to the fascia. Once we identify these such areas by locating and pinpointing them, we manually apply sustained pressure to that precise area, expertly applying just the proper amount of shear force to induce the stretching and release of that area’s fascia. We hold the tissue release for a minimum of five minutes. This process allows the tissue to melt and soften from a more solid tissue to more of a fluid gel-like one. 

When healthy and normal, our fascia tissue is more gel-like rather than solidified, rigid or tight. The capillaries allow for the flow of blood, fluids, and water that rehydrate the tissue to create a healthier environment for our cells and tissue so they can effectively and efficiently perform all the duties nature has assigned to them, as Myofascial Release Therapy also balances the body back to the natural order of things. This incredibly occurs after just five minutes or so, which is the necessary time properly taken by us during our application of therapy. 

After those crucially pivotal five minutes, our body releases something called interleukin8, which is anti-inflammatory. This helps our body heal naturally. We are so busy with our day-to-day life that we do not heed to what our body relentlessly is trying to tell us with all its signs and symptoms. But Myofascial Release Therapy normalizes and releases the inner stress and strain. 

Southwest Physical Therapy provides expert therapeutic treatment specialized in successfully promoting natural healing, which is why you are wise to entrust your pain and suffering to us…, for we live by the mantra “You enter with it (your agonizing pain and suffering) but exit without it”. Godspeed.

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