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Published on: November 15, 2020

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

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How is Physical Therapy Effective in Pain Management?

Many people might still be confused or unsure of how physical therapy is effective in pain management. Are you one of them? If so, then going through this blog will certainly be of great assistance to you. We all know that chronic pain is very difficult for anyone to tolerate. But, undergoing physical therapy lessens the pain  –  many times eliminating it completely  –   and also helps you restore body balance. 

 Below we have listed conditions and sources of chronic pain that can be treated with the help of physical therapy.

Besides being an effective method of treating chronic pain, physical therapies are also useful in making people more conscious of proper ways to move and function safely that will help them avoid injuries.

This type of treatment involves various pain management methods that comprise of:

  • Manipulation of bones and joints
  • Manual therapy with the use of hands or tools on soft tissues of the body
  • Massage
  • Movement therapy and exercises
  • Microcurrent stimulation that emits alpha waves into the brain to increase dopamine and serotonin to get rid of pain in an organic manner.
  • Cold laser therapy to treat pain and inflammation. This also helps to release endorphins.

The categories mentioned above also consist of a variety of treatments. Exercises also go hand in hand with these therapies to restore all round body balance. These include walking, swimming, etc., which are solely determined on the basis of a person’s physical abilities. Exercising for even very little time works as an important pillar in pain management by increasing:

  • Endurance
  • Muscle strength
  • Flexibility in the muscles and joints
  • Joint stability

It should be noted that consistency is the key to success when it comes to the results of exercising and undergoing physical therapy sessions. Therapeutic exercise on a daily basis helps you maintain physical function and mobility rather than being crippled by the chronic pain. Physical therapy is a two-pronged approach as it tackles the physical side of stiffness, inflammation, soreness but also accentuates the production and release into the body of natural pain-relieving chemicals. So why worry anymore? When you can lead a much better quality of life pain-free with physiotherapy support. If you are looking for such a place in New York City, Southwest Physical Therapy should be your first choice. We are the very best in town for various world-class reasons including our completely experienced specialist therapists, modern amenities and affordable price. To gain more complete information please go through our website.

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