How Myofascial Release Therapy Heals Migraines and Headaches
Published on: June 27, 2021

Published By: Southwest Myofascial Release

Heals Migraines and Headaches

Chronic Headaches and  Migraines Are Healed With Myofascial Release Therapy

Are you suffering from chronic migraines or headaches? Then try out myofascial release therapy to get amazing results for it! 

Patients tell us their headaches felt like someone was drilling a hole throughout their forehead, or excavating the rear of their skull with a pickaxe. Some say the throbbing is so intense it seems like their head is going to explode.

Headaches come in different types: 

–       Sometimes it is a tight band of tightening pressure that centers around the middle of your forehead.

–        Some patients experience pain around one eye, which might be caused by a histamine headache. 

–        It might be sinuses or a migraine that’s causing pain in one side of your head, temporal or occipital.

–        And if you are very unlucky, you might have a mixture of all four.  

Each and every headache is different in their intensity and duration. Some say just ignore it, but it’s really impossible due to the pain that just won’t go away. Only when you go through such a horrible situation do you know exactly how it feels, because headaches can be hard to explain or describe. In fact, headaches affect everything, from your appetite to your relationships. It hinders your sex life and social life, and disrupts your peace, your sleep, and your regular exercising.

Suffering from chronic migraine pain can really make your life miserable. It is sometimes accompanied by nausea, dizziness, and a vampire-like – aversion to bright lights. It really is difficult to try to tell someone how you feel, to describe precisely the symptoms of the weird pain of a terrible headache. It’s like someone is continuously hammering nails into your head and using it as a pinata.  

In this blog, we discuss what is myofascial release and how myofascial release therapy helps heal chronic migraine pain and headaches.

What is Myofascial Release Therapy?    

Myofascial release therapy is an organic, massage-like manual treatment that works the connective tissues of the body. This treatment gets rid of restrictions to the interconnective tissue called the fascia, by stretching and relaxing it and prompting it to rehydrate itself by releasing its fluids.

And it doesn’t just stop there, either …… 

Since fascia is an interconnecting web of tissue that interconnects the human body from head to toes, that headache you’re feeling, for instance, might be caused by an ankle injury you had in the past that you had already forgotten about, thinking it was over with. This is where Southwest Myofascial Release’s specialization begins; we find the root cause and help fix it.

What is Fascia or Myofascia? 

Fascia, is an amazing, spongy connective tissue that encloses muscles and bones all around your body. It is a tissue below your skin that covers the entire body, an interconnecting web that protects, supports, and connects everything, from muscles, bones, vessels, tissue, everything from your head to your toes in every area of the body. The fascia helps keep your skin on, your blood streaming, your head on your neck, and your spine versatile. Without it, we’d be singular organs, muscles, and bones – with nothing supporting us together.

This tissue generally is profoundly adaptable. Yet, there are a few causes, such as stress, constant pressure and repetitive use, wear and tear, injury and disease, and aggravation, that make it become unnaturally tight, stiff, hard, and restricted in some parts or part of the body, and lose its flexibility. This, in turn, causes irregularities in parts of the body that tend to manifest in the form of chronic pain and limited mobility. The most mysterious part of it all is that these symptoms usually appear in an area of the body that is distant and seemingly unrelated to  where the actual restricted fascia is. Another part of the mystery is that fascia restriction usually doesn’t show up on standard tests such as X-rays, MRI’s, and the like, and there still isn’t a test specific to restricted fascia. So the myofascial release specialist has to perform myofascial release therapy in order to identify the restricted fascia.  

These areas in the body where there’s restricted fascia are known in the field as “restrictions”.  And these “restrictions” are often responsible for causing those crippling headaches.  

Will Myofascial Release heal migraines or headaches? 

Hopefully, by now you should have a clear conception of what is myofascial release. Let’s now discuss myofascial release therapy and how it can help heal your migraines and headaches.

During myofascial release therapy, a myofascial release therapist uses a unique, specialized combination of tissue-stretching exercises and massage-like rubbings/rubdowns to elongate the tight, inflamed fascia and release its tension and pressure in the part of the body it has been identified to be occurring. These trained, complex movements feel and look a tad like a massage, but they are completely different and also work on a distinct, deeper level than traditional massage therapy.

We use specific myofascial release therapy techniques to slow down or stop migraines and headaches and reclaim a body that feels good and moves well. You might have tried different treatments that were unsuccessful and are thereby skeptical of any additional treatments. If this is the way you feel, don’t worry. We provide FREE phone consultations for all new patients. This will give you the opportunity to inquire and ask all the questions you wish regarding myofascial release therapy with our specialized myofascial release therapist, and we can further explain everything to you completely as well. Call us TODAY to stop your suffering! 

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