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Published on: November 24, 2020

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Know About Exercises That Can Cause More Harm Than Good

We often speak about how exercises can be good for your health and also help you restore body balance. But as we know, every human body is unique and hence requirements vary from one person to another. In this blog, we talk about the exercises that can cause harm if done without proper understanding. 

It is a known fact that almost 76% of American adults report that they engage in physical activities. But experts say that most of the time people end up suffering injuries while working out. Well, going through the sections below will help usefully inform you so you can prevent such circumstances.

  • It is so very necessary to warm up before a rigorous exercise session of. Warming up is like getting the body ready and tuned for the hard work ahead. Also remember to save the most difficult sets for the end of the routine. Keeping this tip in mind will help save from visiting a doctor.
  • Another exercise that can result in severe injuries are deep squats. They help to strengthen and instill power in your legs but also put far too much strain on the knees and hamstrings, which is not a very desirable thing.
  • Lat pulldowns are a very popular exercise for people who work out at gyms. But it must be noted that this exercise puts the neck in a tremendously awkward position that in turn causes shoulder pain. The risk of getting injured increases if the weight used for the exercise is too excessive.
  • Military press is another popular exercise that can be harmful on the shoulders. Over the head lifting of heavy weights puts a lot of pressure on the rotator cuff and can cause acute tears, gradual fraying, tearing of tendons, etc.
  • Abdominal or back exercises often demand excessive extension of the lumbar spine. This can cause herniated discs which are very painful. It is advisable to avoid these exercises and choose to stick to core exercises.
  • We are aware of the fact that “jogging” is a very popular cardio exercise, but it is not for everyone. The constant pounding on the ankles, knees, back, hips can cause damage to these body parts. In that case, you can opt for other impactful forms of cardio such as cycling, swimming, etc.

We hope that this blog has been helpful for you to know the different exercises that can be the reason for body pain. In case you get injured and are suffering from immense pain, get in touch with us. Here at Southwest Physical Therapy, we provide the highest quality physical therapy services at pocket-friendly prices. To know more, please give our website a diligent read.

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