Myofascial Neck Pain
Published on: September 28, 2020

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Know About Myofascial Neck Pain

We often hear about people suffering from neck pain and how neck injuries can be really painful and irritating. This kind of pain can be caused due to various reasons and can also involve any of the tissue in the neck. Since the neck is a pivotal part of the human body, pain in the neck is a big difficulty in the way of free movement. In this blog we will talk about how stiffness in the fascia can cause pain in the neck and also enlighten you on how Myofascial Release Therapy can remedy it. 

Fascia is defined as a mesh of tissues that runs throughout the body covering bones and muscles. These tissues become stiff due to injury, strain, inflammation, sprain, exhaustion and various other factors. It causes a variety of health issues including severe neck pain. As fascia tissues are interconnected, the area of pain can oftentimes not be anywhere near the area of injury. You must have been thinking about how you can get rid of such pain. The answer is Myofascial Release Therapy. 

This particular type of physical therapy has been found to be efficient in the treatment of conditions like that of neck pain. The process includes detection of the area of stiff fascia. To do so, the therapist runs his/her fingers on the patient’s body and finds the area of stiffness. Upon detection, light manual pressure is applied by the therapist on the particular area to loosen the strained tissues. This in turn reduces pain and allows for seamless movement; most times the pain is eliminated completely.

You should now know how stiffness in fascia can be the cause of your neck pain. The information provided in this blog must have shown you how the technique of Myofascial Release Therapy works. Southwest Physical Therapy in New York City provides you top-notch Myofascial Release Therapy services. Our therapist has so mant years of experience in this specialty and she is believed to have magic in her fingers. So suffer no more by getting in touch with us immediately.

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