Manage Your Stress to Heal Chronic Pain
Published on: December 30, 2021

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Southwest Physical Therapy - Chronic pain

With all that is happening, keeping up seems hard when it’s at such a fast pace that life comes at us. So stressful is what it can be. Learning to slow down and pause is part of managing stress and healing chronic pain. So that you may handle the strains and stresses in your life effectively, Southwest Physical Therapy has provided you with some helpful guidelines here:

  • Stress from doing too much and moving…
    … like not resting. Take a conscious breath after pausing. You will relax and feel so much better. 
  • Stress when you’re not moving enough…
    … such as when you sit at your computer for over half an hour. If you sit a lot you must ensure that in your day you’re frequently giving yourself breaks.
  • Stress that is mental…
    … such as catastrophizing, rumination, procrastination, and worry. The seat of these stresses is not lack of faith… and fear. Either you act or let it go… but how to distinguish between what you cannot control and what you can is what you must learn to do.
  • Relationships that are personal…
    … we may get tested the most with these
  • Financial stress…
    …what you cannot control must be let go or you must act
  • Always eat your food slowly…
    …your food should be enjoyed with gratitude
  • Stay hydrated…
    … we may not even realize it if we are dehydrated. We just experience body pains, aches, and headaches, and throughout the day our decision-making is often offtrack and mistakes are made. 
  • Loud laughter.
    Stress can even be released merely with the thought of laughter, of you imagining that you are laughing.
  • Chant or sing…
    … and it also helps tone the vagus nerve (the part of your nervous system that handles safety assessment) while tension is released through the diaphragm 
  • Walk in nature… and the rhythms of the Earth is something you need to learn to spend time in 
  • Gratitude should be practiced… all that you have should be appreciated… keep a journal of gratitude

Always remember to BREATHE……. 

But above all, be sure to get Myofascial Release to heal!

You find it at Southwest Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, NYC

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