Myofascial Hotspots System
Published on: July 08, 2020

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Myofascial Hotspots

The thoracolumbar junction is a very common hotspot for extensive myofascial tension. There are so many muscles connecting and converging in this particular intersection area of the spine, pelvis and abdomen regions, etc. Here myofascial dysfunction causes pain and irritation any and everywhere in the body. It is a complete domino effect hotspot. 

The scapulothoracic region is another such hotspot for myofascial pain. Blockages in transmission often occur in this region whether or not it involves the myofascial system. This creates the need for MFR to remove those blockages and restore your harmonious energy flow. 

There exist many different probable causes for the pain but essentially anything that alters the optimal relationship between muscles and fascia in the body will lead to myofascial dysfunction. Southwest Physical Therapy provides the fabulous Myofascial Release Therapy that is a natural medicine for all these pain hotspots. 

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