Myofascial Release Therapy on Channel 7
Published on: May 04, 2020

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Are You Sick and Tired of Living in Agonizing Pain?

Southwest Physical Therapy has without exception always been successful in treating problems that have stubbornly been unresponsive to previous therapies, surgeries, and medications. Patients often come to us with intense pain (back, hip, neck, knee, etc.) that uninterruptedly interferes with everything in their life, with their mobility, work, and sleep. MRI and X-ray results come back negative so doctors say they don’t see anything wrong, yet the pain you feel and suffer is VERY REAL!

You can’t make sense of it because you’re living the pain and suffering, so you & God know there’s definitely something very wrong going on with your body. Your mysterious pain is your body’s way of telling you  – screaming at you – that something is going on that you need to seek attention for and address. Your body has a network of intelligent connective tissue or fascia, that records all physical, mental and emotional trauma.

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