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Myofascial Release Therapy

We take special care to fix a health issue by treating a person at structural, emotional and intellectual levels. 

Pain in various body parts can be caused due to stiffness of a deep tissue called fascia which runs throughout the body. Tension in a particular area can lead to unbearable pain and restricted motion of body parts. Undergoing Myofascial Release Therapy turns effective in getting rid of health problems caused due to Myofascial tension.

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What is Myofascial Release?

This technique was first coined by John F.Barnes. The sole motto of this therapy is to release fascia throughout the body. At first, massage is applied to the whole body to identify the area of stiffness. Then gentle manual pressure is applied to such areas which in turn leads to elongation or stretching of the stiff tissues. This process is continued until the therapist thinks he/she has successfully released the tightened areas of the fascia.

It is to be noted that fascia is interconnected and hence stiffness in one particular area can lead to severe pain in other body parts. For example, myofascial release on one’s back can help to reduce the pain in the shoulder or neck.

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Hear the expert speak about how undergoing Myofascial Release Therapy can be effective to get rid of your body pain.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a type of connective tissue that covers all bones and muscles in the human body. The role of this tissue is to provide support and protection to every muscle, bone, organ and blood vessel of the human body.

What is damaged Fascia?

As mentioned earlier, the primary function of this tissue is to provide support to various body parts. Hence, when in a healthy condition fascia is relaxed and glides freely. Though various factors can lead to the fascia getting tightened or stiff. These include wound, trauma, inflammation, stress, surgery, exhaustion, etc. The fun fact is stiffness in the myofascial tissue cannot be seen in MRIs or X-rays, hence it is not possible for a doctor to find the root cause of pain. The only viable solution this health issue opting for Myofascial Release therapy.

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“Hear From Happy Clients of Myofascial Release Therapy”


Ginny D.

Brooklyn, NY

I tried Southwest on a friend’s recommendation because I was dealing with a stubborn, painful frozen shoulder that had resisted conventional physical therapy and was keeping me awake at night. I noticed improvement immediately, and after a few sessions working with Aracelli I was pain-free. I still go back now and then for a “tune up” and I always find feel better and move more easily afterwards. This place is a gem!


Mollie B.

Nashville, TN

As an avid runner and triathlete, I’ve been to many physical therapists and other healing specialists (20+) over the past several years, and Aracelli is really one-of-a-kind. For the past year I have been dealing with a chronic shoulder injury, and was not able to find someone in my insurance network who could really help me and get to the root of my injury. Rather than treat just the symptoms, Aracelli helped identify and relieve multiple areas contributing to the pain, and took a very holistic approach in treatment. She also gave me the tools (including a free small medicine ball) to help me continue my treatment, which has been invaluable since I have moved out of state and am no longer able to do sessions with her. (I wish I could continue with her!) I very highly recommend working with Aracelli, particularly if your are dealing with a chronic injury. She is very patient and thorough, and incorporates a more spiritual/emotional component as an additional tool for healing.



Brooklyn, NY

After a lower back injury 2 years ago, my body began to spiral out of control. Running from Dr to Dr just exasperated the anxiety & pain. A Physical Therapist I know suggested I give SWPT a shot. It was an incredible experience that helped me heal. The muscle spasms & pain began to release & so did the anxiety & fear. They gave me the knowledge & tools to continue to be pain free. Aracelli & Michael are incredibly talented therapists. They focus on the entire body & the mind body connection. They have extensive knowledge of the muscles & the emotional connection to each of them. They are passionate about their work and sharing their knowledge. I am grateful to Aracelli & Michael. It was a great experience. I think everyone can benefit from Myofacial Release therapy at SWPT.