Not Your Traditional Physical Therapy Clinic
Published on: February 26, 2021

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Not Your Traditional Physical Therapy Clinic

Non-traditional Physical Therapy Treatment

You are probably on this site because you are looking for an option you have not tried before. Southwest Physical Therapy helps people in the Big Apple area living with chronic pain and mobility limitations return to a healthy, more active lifestyle without the use of pain medication or any kind of medication. 

You can’t enjoy an active life because of your restricted range of motion or your pain? So you were not able to get the results in the past that you had hoped for from the traditional physical therapy you tried?  Are you fed up with being just a number that only receives standard, protocol-type therapy? Perhaps your experience with physical therapy was one where all you did was perform exercises you could have done at home. 

People who want someone who really understands how to treat chronic pain and limited mobility and are looking for individualized care are many of the patients who fortunately find us. They want to be heard and listened to – and we always oblige. They want therapists to actually put their hands on them. Perhaps they are seeking alternative ways to help with their pain and have heard of myofascial release therapy too. Some patients are not just chasing symptoms but understandably are also looking to find answers to the cause of their (mysterious) pain. Does this sound familiar? 

You absolutely are not alone if you can relate to any of the above scenarios. We are not your typical physical therapy clinic at Southwest Physical Therapy. Want to know what makes us different? We provide you full hour treatment sessions with one-on-one care with your physical therapist. We specialize in the amazing myofascial release therapy (MFR). We have a holistic, whole-body approach to treating the entire person, for longer-lasting results that many times turn out to be permanent. 

From vast experience and an open mind, we always understand the pain you are experiencing may not just be physical. We know that there is always the possibility of a spiritual and emotional connection to your symptoms.

At Southwest Physical Therapy, we have a very different doctrine and approach to treating our patients. We focus on the whole person, spirit, body, and mind. All the attention is on you once you enter our peaceful and quiet treatment room. We always want to get to know, not just the body parts or symptoms that are deeply troubling you, but YOU, literally the whole person YOU.

Our belief is to look elsewhere for the cause of your symptoms, which means looking at the whole body. That is why Southwest Physical Therapy always evaluates and treats all our patients in a holistic way. We are able to discover how everything is connected when we look at the whole body. This is what truly lets us get to the underlying bottom of the cause of the symptoms.  

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There are so many times when we discover that the root cause is far from the symptoms that patients are feeling and perceiving. Not addressing the whole body in previous therapies and focusing most of the attention on just the areas where the symptoms were is likely why only temporary results were obtained. For instance, it is not at all uncommon to find that a hip that is not moving correctly or a very tight psoas muscle in the front is the true source of a patient’s back pain. An ankle that has lost mobility may also be the cause. Pain could possibly have resulted from compensatory movement patterns developed from habitual holding patterns in the body that were created over time from a previous injury.  

The connective tissue in our body called Fascia,  which surrounds and infuses all the structures in our body completely uninterrupted, from head to toe 3 dimensionally is what most of these techniques focus on. Sustained-release techniques are applied to heal the myofascial system and prompt the connective to stretch and elongate back to normal. 

To restore normal pain-free function and movement, manipulation of the cranial bones, joints, and even the abdominal viscera organs may also be used.

Southwest Physical Therapy feels that every one of our patients should receive as much treatment as possible on the first visit itself, even when it may take some time to collect all relevant registration information. It is for this reason, so that you can get to enjoy the effects of hands-on treatment in your first session, that treatment is generally mixed in with your evaluation and registration.

Southwest Physical Therapy has never agreed with having any of our patients pay just to perform exercises in our clinic that they could do on their own in their home as part of a home exercise program, even though exercise and movement are essential in all our patients’ plans of care. 

That is why, so you can do them on your own time, we give you thorough instruction on how to perform stretches and/or exercises when they are needed. We make sure you can continue to mobilize your joints and tissues between appointments, by often including self-treatment techniques in our home programs.

Just the components of rehabilitation and treatment that you cannot reproduce on your own are what we only spend time on at Southwest Physical Therapy. We apply the highly effective manual therapy technique called myofascial release therapy (MFR) to resolve your pain and get you back to doing the activities you love, without pain and limitations after we effectively identify every patient’s true cause(s) of their symptoms. That is what we always strive for.

With this highly-effective, individualized treatment approach that is one-on-one care with the hands-on technique we use (MFR), it usually takes far less time than at other clinics to resolve pain and injury for good.

So that we can discuss how to get you back to an active life, please give Southwest Physical Therapy a call to speak directly to our physical therapist if any of this sounds like something you have been looking for to help your recovery from pain. 

You may always feel free to give Southwest Physical Therapy a call for a free consultation in Brooklyn to discuss your ailments and limitations. 

If you would like to discuss your ailments and limitations, call us at (718) 369-0505. We generally get a very good idea of what may be the cause of your symptoms and the options that are available for treating it with the help of just a short phone call. 

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