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So how much does Myofascial Release Therapy cost?

The truth is the symptoms you are experiencing are costing you a lot more than the dollar amount to treat you to make the pain go away. Myofascial Release is the only physical therapy that we’ve experienced that provides long-lasting relief. That’s why we’ve specialized in it and it’s the only physical therapy that we provide. But since we do need to get paid to work on you, here is the breakdown

One 60-Minute Session – $250.00

Six 60-Minute Sessions – $1,250.00

Twelve 60-Minute Sessions $2,500.00

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Customer Service Information

Southwest Myofascial Release

Clinic Address:
255 Windsor Place
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Tel: (718) 369-0505

Hours of Operation

Monday 8AM – 5PM
Tuesday 8AM – 7PM
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Saturday 10AM – 4PM
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