Southwest Physical Therapy and You
Published on: March 04, 2020

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Southwest Physical Therapy

Southwest Physical Therapy and Our Relationship with You

From the moment you first walk into Southwest Physical Therapy, you know that you have entered a special place. It’s a place where health and healing are paramount, and where our specialists work fervently to get to the core of your condition and rehabilitative needs. We’re about motion and freedom from pain, and giving you the support and treatment to manage your long term physical well-being. Our world-class therapists have extensive expertise and experience in a wide range of specialties and activities, so we understand where you’re coming from and where you want & need to go. We treat back pain, neck pain, pelvic pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, chronic pain, balance issues, vertigo, sports and dance injuries, and more. We provide orthopedic physical therapy and pelvic floor physical therapy. During your first visit to Southwest Physical Therapy, you will be taken to a room where a friendly staff member will take your medical history and vitals after filling out the necessary paperwork. Your physical therapist will then review your history and perform an initial physical of an evaluation and discuss your individualized plan of care. Your specialist uses this information to set goals for your continued treatment. After that, you will be provided with a summary of your treatment plan, schedule, and the opportunity to ask all the additional questions you wish. Your treatment may include the most effective manual therapy called Myofascial Release Therapy (a hands-on technique used to decrease and eliminate pain and increase range of motion), modalities such as electrical stimulation, moist heat, or ice, exercise, and patient education, including a home exercise program.

So it is at this first visit that the frequency and duration of subsequent appointments will be determined and prescribed. On your next visit, no further paperwork should be necessary and you will begin treatment immediately. We generally recommend you wear shorts or other loose fitting clothing during your therapy sessions. Gowns or capes will be provided by Southwest Physical Therapy if they become necessary. Southwest Physical Therapy addresses dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal system using Myofascial Release Therapy, to help eliminate pain and decrease muscle spasm, myofascial restrictions, and joint dysfunctions. Myofascial Release Therapy treats acute and chronic pain conditions affecting all areas of the body. When injury causes soft-tissue and joint restrictions that produce pain during movement, MRF improves mobility, reduces or eliminates pain, and restores normal functioning of the soft-tissues and joints. We additionally provide supplemental exercises to address any flexibility or muscle strength imbalances, and to prevent recurrence of symptoms in the future. Southwest Physical Therapy also provides movement assessments and postural and ergonomic education to address your body position with functional and work tasks. Your return to an active lifestyle with the peace of being pain-free is our primary concern. That is why Southwest Physical Therapy lovingly works with you to help reduce or eliminate your agonizing pain and achieve all your goals—in a fun, caring, friendly and encouraging environment. So be wise and good to yourself by choosing Southwest Physical Therapy if you need therapy. We offer exceptional care, trusted expertise and remarkable outcomes— all customized to you. Our decades of experience with well over a thousand satisfied patients make Southwest Physical Therapy the Big Apple’s Numero Uno in effective physical therapy. Visit us or call for your appointment TODAY.

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