Stay Healthy While Cooped Up by COVID
Published on: February 12, 2021

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Stay Healthy While Cooped Up by COVID

Healthy Tips for COVID

Right now, for most of us, our entire world as we knew it is turned upside down. So many people do not leave their house, kids are not going to school, and employees are not going to work. Thanks especially to the trio of vaccines that were approved, we are all confident this too shall pass and have begun to see a glimmer at the end of the tunnel…,  but we still are all currently living a never-ending nightmare. To help you cope until we can all return to a new normal, Southwest Physical Therapy shares the following easy tips with you:

Try your best to maintain normal routines. Doing something productive is always the most important way to start your day. Start by getting dressed and making your bed. At first it was nice and liberating to lay in bed all morning and in your pajamas or gown all day, but life goes on, which means you need to start to return to normal routines once again. Get back to a daily schedule as you did before this pandemic. Divide your time: set time aside to read, for exercise, and to speak with friends & family on social media or Zoom. If you are unemployed, try a new interest or hobby. Learn something new online for free, like a course for a new language. Stay positive always; it does wonders for mental health.

The news tends to be full of gloom and doom and doesn’t always share the positive aspects of life or even your point of view. Avoid the Internet or Instagram/Facebook for the latest statistics; the same goes for watching the nightly news. Instead, read inspirational stories of the people who are pulling together in this time of trials and tribulations and throw on some of your favorite tunes. Keep anger, fear (if possible), and politics out of your life, because their negativity is toxic to your mind, body, Spirit, and soul.

This is the most opportune time to change your eating habits and to nourish yourself healthily. Our daily life often gets us too busy to put our nutrition first. There are still plenty of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables available this time of year. Put those culinary skills to work and make a healthy, delicious dinner with those fresh veggies you have, instead of hitting the closest Mickey D’s or Taco Bell. They say you are what you eat, and what you eat actually does influence your health.

Stay as active as you can as often as you can. Part of the routine that your body was accustomed to for so long before the pandemic was some sort of activity or exercise.  Get back on it quick, before you get rusty and lazy! Your favorite yoga class or gym might be out of bounds, but that doesn’t give you a Lazy Pass of Idleness! Put on your mask and get outside, take a walk or jog around the ‘hood. Use your legs instead of driving to the corner bodega for minor groceries. Participate in an online fitness class such as a yoga class. Even online spiritual healing classes are a plus.  

We are historically in the midst of an unprecedented time, and likely will never again experience anything similar in the rest of our lifetime. As good ol’ homo sapiens, we have always feared the unknown and feared the lack of control we are currently living with in our lives. But this is the greatest opportunity you’ll ever have to reflect and take full inventory of your life, to improve it rather than letting it go to ruins. You have always been a wise champion mindful of health. So stay as active as possible and stretch a lot too. We all have a limit that at all times we need to bear in mind. On a scale of 1 to 10, you should always instinctively judge your limits. As an example, 10 is relaxing around brunch time on a Sunday checking out your favorite online things, maybe the news. 5 is like carrying groceries. 2 is carrying plenty of groceries while walking up a few flights of stairs at a fast pace, as you are breathless. 1 is the maximum effort for you, where your heart races much faster than usual.

Generally, you should never push yourself beyond 3 – 4, particularly when you’re not 100% if you are nursing an injury or have a prior injury. The best and safest moment for you to push yourself to the limit is when you’re able to be under the supervision of one of our licensed physical therapists at Southwest Physical Therapy. Your bones, joints and muscles must be kept in a constant state of motion. Never think that exercise is not for you nor give in to the temptation of staying on your favorite couch all day. Staying active and maintaining a healthy fitness level is the best way to recover from injury and fight pain without treatment or therapy. As a minimum, you should stretch and strengthen your muscles two times every week.

Always try to be under the supervision of your physical therapist whenever you want to ensure that your muscles are properly stretched and strengthened. Sprains and aches are common to occur as a direct result of muscles that are weak or tight (inflexible). Stay physically active as often as you can, but never push yourself past your own limit. It is very important to pay attention to and listen to your body and know the difference between muscle soreness and actual pain, because pain is the body’s warning sign letting you know that something is not quite right, and may require the attention of a medical professional. 

We at Southwest Physical Therapy have kept our doors open during the entire pandemic and will continue to do so all for you. We have all these months applying the strictest preventive, sanitary, safe and hygienic practices and measures that exceed all the state and federal recommended guidelines and we have it all down to an art by now. 

 Our myofascial release therapy very effectively addresses many symptoms and conditions, providing so much healing and relief, especially for your pain and restricted mobility. You can also talk about whatever you want guilt-free for about an hour. Saying things out loud helps you understand them in a different way, especially when you’re fortunate to have a cooperative ear. Additionally, our therapist invaluably helps you develop insight and coping skills. There is no competition in that dialogue. Our therapist won’t talk about their own problems and make those problems bigger than yours. Whatever your symptoms and condition(s) may be, it’s very likely that myofascial release therapy is all you need since it is so encompassing – it literally is like a miracle cure! Our prices are unbelievable as well. So call us for your appointment or drop by our Brooklyn clinic.

If you are suffering from pain due to the novelty of being cooped up with hardly any activity, Southwest Physical Therapy is offering FREE COVID-19 Discovery Visits to provide you with a plan to get back to life! Call us to find out more.

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