Stretches for Shoulder & Neck Pain
Published on: March 16, 2020

Published By: Southwest Myofascial Release

Neck Pain

The Most Effective Stretches For Shoulder & Neck Pain

Working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic may be putting a strain on your well-being and physical health, and especially so for those who already suffer from shoulder, neck or back pain. Yes, that is correct: Remote work environments are prone to increase strain on our bodies due to improper work equipment such as an ergonomic keyboard, table, counter, and chair. We are so often using hand-held technological apparatus such as tablets, phones, game systems, and computers, that our bodies are evolving into forward heads with rounded shoulders. This is not limited only to the young, either, as the elderly are also experiencing these physical changes. Backaches, shoulder and neck pain become worse when employees must slouch on home sofas or have to hunch over laptops and the like.  

Tips on the Best Way to Properly Stretch Your Shoulders & Neck

Our consciousness is rarely aware of the great importance of a healthy posture. The chance of injury is greatly reduced when you enjoy strong back, shoulder and neck muscles. In order to maintain the strengthening of these muscles, it is so very vital to properly stretch them – the upper back, shoulder & neck muscles.

The following are a few tips that help you reduce the risk of injury by keeping a healthy posture:

  • You must ensure that your workstation is ergonomic, because not all are. You have to use a mouse and keyboard with your laptop. Your chair, desk and table must all be ergonomic and you must make sure to get yourself a second monitor or screen as well. 
  • Your back, shoulder & neck muscles stiffen when you stay put in the same position for too long a time. This is why you must shift around often to stay loose and prevent stiffening. Stand up tall or sit up every quarter of an hour ideally for 10 to 15 seconds. 

On a daily basis you must regularly stretch your back, shoulders & neck. The great thing is that it is quick & easy to make stretches for a bad back or shoulder & neck pain part of your routine schedule and they make such a huge difference in your everyday posture, strength, and health in the long-term.

The Most Effective Stretches For Shoulder & Neck Pain

To reduce the risk for injury and help treat an existing sore upper back and shoulder & neck pain, perform the following six stretches. 

Use these stretches to help strengthen these important muscles and maintain a healthy posture.

***Perform these 6 stretches 1-2 times per day

***Hold each stretch for 5-10 seconds 

***Repeat each stretch 5-10 times

Breathing is essential whenever you exercise and stretch, and there is no exception when you’re stretching your shoulder, neck, and back. You gain the most from these stretches for shoulder, neck, and back pain when you breathe properly. The same breathing rule used when exercising is applicable: you inhale as you exert and exhale as you relax.  

  1. Chin Tuck Tuck your chin while keeping your chest elevated.
  2. Ear-to-Shoulder Stretch Lower your ear toward the same shoulder (keep ear lined up with shoulder – avoid a forward head posture) and repeat for the other side.
  3. Doorway Stretch Lean forward while standing in a corner or doorway with your hands placed around shoulder height and outside shoulder width.
  4. Reach StretchGrasp your hands together in front of your chest, look downward, and reach forward with your hands.
  5. Ear-to-Shoulder Pull Gently pull the back of your head toward the same armpit. 
  6. Shoulder Blade SqueezeSqueeze shoulder blades together and try to slide them down toward your waist. 

Physical Therapy Support and More Shoulder & Neck Stretches For You to Find

Please do not lose hope and let pain get in the way of your physical health and daily activities if these simple shoulder and neck pain exercises are not working for you. 

If these simple stretches for shoulder & neck pain or upper backaches are not reducing your pain or discomfort, then it’s time for you to visit Southwest Myofascial Release.

What Should You Expect from Physical Therapy?

During your scheduled in-person appointment with Southwest Myofascial Release, the physical therapist performs a complimentary assessment and screening. The therapist discusses your current symptoms and mobility, discomfort, pain, and personal goals, and measures your baseline strength. 

You and your physical therapist work together to develop a personalized treatment plan for you that is comprehensive and goal-oriented, to achieve those goals and eliminate or greatly reduce your pain, while strengthening your muscles with time. You learn how to properly use basic and advanced stretches for shoulder pain, neck pain, or back pain, as well as manage related muscle strength and mobility. 

Call Southwest Myofascial Release to schedule your complimentary screening for physical therapy support, so you can start getting back to being you.

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