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True Pain Relief

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A physical symptom is a sign or communication from the body that there is an imbalance of energy in its system. Treating only the physical symptom is to mask or sweep under the rug the root of the problem and not obtain true, lasting pain relief.

For many years, the body had been regarded as a sum of unrelated parts. Western medicine looked upon the body as a physical, biomechanical machine that is controlled by the brain and the nervous system and kept alive by the heart. Eastern medicine saw the body as the sum of its parts: a whole, integrated system made up of different levels including mental, spiritual and emotional energies. Holistic medicine infers that we look after the “whole” person and see the entire big picture.

Thousands of years ago there was a separation between religion and science and in the West the body came to be viewed as an intricate mechanism separate from the spirit…oops! That isn’t going to work out very well for us, is it? When there is a physical symptom it is a sign or communication from the body that there is an imbalance or discombobulation of mental, spiritual and emotional energy in the system. Treating only the physical outward or superficial symptom is akin to masking the root of the problem like sweeping debris under a rug.

In Eastern medicine there is a vital force known as Ki that animates this biomechanical machine. In India it is known as Prana and in China it is known as Chi. When Ki energy leaves the body it becomes lifeless. We are more than just a physical body that we can see and touch, which is one of the features that differentiates us humans from the animal kingdom.

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