What is Crystal Light Healing Therapy?
Published on: February 19, 2020

Published By: Southwest Physical Therapy

Crystal Light Healing Therapy

Crystal Light Healing Therapy

Say goodbye to the tension in your daily life with the help of Crystal Light Healing Therapy. Lead a stress free life by being part of the most ravishing experience.    

What is Crystal Light Healing Therapy?

This therapy features a crystal bed that has 7 highly polished and transparent Vogel cut quartz crystals. It is suspended at an approximate height of 12 inches from the patient’s body.

The crystals are cut on the basis of a particular frequency and each one of them is calibrated above one of the seven energy centers which are also known as chakras. Colored lights are passed through the crystals to each chakra. These lights are selected to match the frequency of the different chakra colors. A particular rhythm is used to switch these lights on and off that, in turn, accentuates body balance and helps in cleansing and aligning one’s energy. To sum it up, undergoing Crystal Light Healing Therapy is a purgatory process of katharsis that consequently helps in regaining emotional, mental and physical balance and solace.

Benefits of undergoing Crystal Light Healing Therapy sessions:

People who have wisely chosen Crystal Light Healing Therapy attest to the following positive changes and experiences they now enjoy in their lives: 

  • Gained a greater ability to focus on a particular task
  • Feel much more energetic
  • Rendezvous with their heart and soul that gave them a new understanding of life
  • Gained more clarity about organizing one’s thoughts and life priorities
  • Know how to deal with various health issues and disease in a natural manner

Light rays produced by the crystals help maintain water in human tissues and cells

The fascinating fact about crystals is they have some of the highest molecular orderliness that can be found in nature. When the light rays pass through the crystals, structured patterns similar to that of the shape of crystals are produced. We know that water molecules can be organized in various patterns. These molecules also have increased bonding properties and surface tension when formed in a proper geometric structure. The pure state of water in healthy cell tissues are of this kind. Whereas in the case of damaged, unhealthy and cancerous cells the state of water molecules is disorganized and discombobulated. It has therefore been shown that Crystal Light Healing Therapy helps the organizing of water in human cells and tissues through well-organized vibration produced by the crystals.

A precisely cut quartz crystal creates continues vibrations similar to water frequency in its purest state

The understanding of Crystal Therapy is the brainchild of Marcel Vogel. He dedicated a great portion of his life to the research and study of the various properties of quartz crystals. He even invented microfiber technologies that can convey information through vibrations of light. Thanks to his achievements, we were able to take the help of technological advancement from the iron age to the era of light. Experiments that investigate the power of crystals and their impact on physical processes were designed by Dr. Vogel as well.

The following conclusions have been reached from the experiments on quartz crystal:

  • A properly cut crystal resonates continuous vibration of similar frequency as that of water in its purest state
  • Water molecules can be structured with the help of charged cut crystal
  • In case the water moves it will be able to imbibe the vibration produced from the crystal through interaction. In turn, this charge can be used to restructure water.

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