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Learn About the Different Categories in Physical Therapy

Our website has covered most of the topics related to physical therapy. But, today we try to touch on a subject matter that is rarely discussed anymore. We do understand that when it comes to your health, relying on a pioneering, innovative technique never tried before can be a difficult cause of concern and hesitation […]


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Everything You Need to Know About Physical Therapists

For the most part, we have provided you with blogs related to the benefits of physical therapy and how it can turn out to be the effective solution  –  and perhaps the ONLY effective solution  –  in eliminating or greatly ameliorating your terrible pain. But, today we have decided to take a different approach. In […]


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Does Fascia Play a Role in Rheumatoid Arthritis? Know It All

We often speak about fascia and the complications related to it. But in this blog, we cover all the information that will help you have a clear idea of fascia’s role in causing rheumatoid arthritis.  For the ones who are still unaware of what fascia actually is, it is a loose connective tissue that runs […]


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Know About Physical Therapy for Hip Pain

Many people suffer from hip pain and haven’t found a way to get rid of it. Surgeries and painkillers are considered ways of temporarily solving physical issues and have their fair share of side effects. This is where the magic of physical therapy becomes a viable solution. By undergoing therapy sessions you can control the […]


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The Importance of Physical Therapies in Treating Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common health issues of today that leads to intolerable joint and bone pain. You’ve likely often thought what could possibly be the most viable way to get rid of such a health woe. It should be noted that physical therapies are an effective option to manage symptoms related to […]


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Benefits of Physical Therapy

Earlier we discussed in detailed information everything to do with both physical therapy and myofascial release treatment. In this blog, we have decided to address the elephant in the room. Most of you would love to know about the benefits that are enjoyed by undergoing physical therapy sessions. Keeping this in mind, we have provided […]


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Know About Myofascial Neck Pain

We often hear about people suffering from neck pain and how neck injuries can be really painful and irritating. This kind of pain can be caused due to various reasons and can also involve any of the tissue in the neck. Since the neck is a pivotal part of the human body, pain in the […]


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Know About Exercises That Can Cause More Harm Than Good

We often speak about how exercises can be good for your health and also help you restore body balance. But as we know, every human body is unique and hence requirements vary from one person to another. In this blog, we talk about the exercises that can cause harm if done without proper understanding.  It […]


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How is Physical Therapy Effective in Pain Management?

Many people might still be confused or unsure of how physical therapy is effective in pain management. Are you one of them? If so, then going through this blog will certainly be of great assistance to you. We all know that chronic pain is very difficult for anyone to tolerate. But, undergoing physical therapy lessens […]


Southwest Physical Therapy

Why is Leg Pain Caused?

Leg pain can be caused due to different reasons as it depends on a person’s lifestyle and associated medical problems. Leg pain may be caused by a condition affecting the lower back, hip, or pelvic region. The type of pain may differ based on the underlying cause. Problems in the lower spine may affect the […]


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How Can Physical Therapy be of Effective Help?

Physical Therapy has for ages been quite a popular and effective resolution to rid the human body of various ills related to it (the body). But many people remain confused and uncertain about how PT actually works. Are you one of them? If so, then going through this blog will provide you with the related […]


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Get Relief from Shoulder Pain

Causes of shoulder pain: According to physicians and physiotherapists, shoulder pain is the third most common musculoskeletal condition that they see in their clinics, after low back and neck pain. Due to the ball and socket joint system, the shoulders tend to be susceptible to injury because of the inherently unstable design of the shoulder […]


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Why Choose Southwest Physical Therapy? Get a Definite Answer

With the increase in knowledge about physical therapy, so many people have now started to become believers relying more and more on this treatment, as they also witness the effective results in many of the folks they personally know. But, when it comes to your health it is really necessary to first confirm whether the […]


Southwest Physical Therapy

Why is Back Pain Hard to Diagnose?

Diagnosing the root cause of back pain requires time, expert physicians, and collaboration between different medical professionals, such as primary care doctors, physical therapists, physiatrists, and orthopedic physicians, to name a few. While back pain is exceedingly common, it is equally challenging to diagnose, since there is no established guideline or protocol to evaluate this […]


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Get Relief From Hand Pain

Repetitive motion injuries, blunt force trauma and lacerations are the most common traumatic injuries to the hand. In the design of the hand, form follows function, so injuries carry potential long-term effects if not treated immediately. In addition to medical attention for hand trauma, keeping the rest of the body healthy and happy, especially arms […]


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Myofascial Release Therapy For the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain

Myofascial Release Therapy is a type of safe, low load stretch that releases the tight tissues and the pain throughout the body caused by myofascial pain syndrome, which describes the chronic muscle pain that is worse in certain areas known as the trigger points.  Fascia is a three-dimensional web that permeates the whole body. The […]


Southwest Physical Therapy

Detailed Knowledge of Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Most folks do not understand what myofascial pain syndrome is, so in this blog we have provided all the relevant information regarding this particular subject matter to ensure that going forward you possess all the necessary knowledge on it. Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder caused by pressure or stiffness in the muscles. […]


Southwest Physical Therapy

Tips on How to Self Massage Myofascial Trigger Points

Massaging  your own self might seem peculiar and difficult at the beginning, but learning to do so properly can successfully be effective in untangling knots in the muscles or the tissues attached to them. Stiffness and/or tension in the fascia or muscles is often the cause of intense pain and restriction of motion. This sort […]


Southwest Physical Therapy

Detailed Knowledge of Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Most folks do not understand what myofascial pain syndrome is, so in this blog we have provided all the relevant information regarding this particular condition to ensure that going forward you possess all the necessary knowledge on it. Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder caused by pressure or stiffness in the muscles. This […]


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How is Myofascial Release Therapy Different?

You quite frequently may have asked yourself how Myofascial Release Therapy is any different from conventional other treatments. The answer to such a question is described as follows:  It is a therapeutic alternative medicine treatment, completely natural, in which we assess the whole body in search of the area(s) of restriction and tension to the […]


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Myofascial Hotspots

The thoracolumbar junction is a very common hotspot for extensive myofascial tension. There are so many muscles connecting and converging in this particular intersection area of the spine, pelvis and abdomen regions, etc. Here myofascial dysfunction causes pain and irritation any and everywhere in the body. It is a complete domino effect hotspot.  The scapulothoracic […]


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Causes of Myofascial pain and ways to get rid of it

Myofascial pain generally refers to the pain which is caused due to the irritation in muscle or the fascia tissue. There are certain muscles which are very much prone to this kind of pain which include large upper back muscles. Fascia is a connective tissue which runs throughout the body with the motto of providing […]


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Does Myofascial Release Therapy Helps To Boost Immunity

Myofascial release therapy works as a natural medicine for different body pain such as joint pain, neck pain, back pain, etc. It helps rejuvenate your body part but did you know it also helps you boost your body’s immune system as well? Many of us don’t know that studies have shown that Myofascial Release Therapy […]


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How is Myofascial release different?

People often wonder how Myofascial Release Therapy is different from the rest of the therapies, so we have provided herein all such information on the benefits of undergoing Myofascial Release Therapy. It is a soft tissue therapy first discovered/developed by the most prominent physiotherapist John Barnes, PT, LMT, NCTMB. The primary goal of this kind […]


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Is Myofascial Release Therapy really effective? Know it all

Myofascial Release Therapy is the most effective natural method to rid yourself of your pain. You might be wondering if undergoing such will truly be effective. Reading this blog will give you a clear picture of how Myofascial Release Therapy works and its benefits to you.  Fascia is a connective tissue that runs throughout the […]


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What is Pelvic Pain? Become aware of ways to eliminate pain

An ache in the lowest part of the abdomen and the pelvic region is generally known as the pelvic pain. Now it can be caused by various factors of which fascia stiffness is one of the most prominent ones. This pain can be either severe or mild.  Oftentimes the adherence of fascia to the urethra […]


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Get Relief from Back Pain with Myofascial Release Therapy

Back pain is a major health issue commonly faced by many Americans, due to the daily hectic schedule followed in tandem with corporate life. Scarcity of time doesn’t allow people the privilege of investing time in looking after their most precious gift – “health” which equals life, a peaceful high-quality one. Negligence leads to the […]



Welcome to Southwest Physical Therapy’s Myofascial ReleaseTherapy!

Welcome to our website and our blogs! Here you can keep up with all of our news and thoughts updated on Myofascial Release Therapy. Michael Boals and Aracelli Gonzalez are Myofascial Release Specialists here at Southwest Physical Therapy.


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Enjoy a Pain-Free Life with Myofascial Release Therapy

Neck injuries can be really painful and irritating. They are caused by various reasons and might involve any of the tissue in the neck. The neck literally being a pivotal part of the human body, pain in the neck is a steep hurdle in the way of free movement. Myofascial Release Therapy works as a […]


Southwest Physical Therapy

Find the Resolution to Your Joint Pain with Myofascial Release Therapy

Suffering from joint pain? Get rid of it by opting for Myofascial Release Therapy. Damage to joints due to any sort of injury or disease can cause a lot of pain and be a barrier to freedom of movements. When neglected, this condition can lead to additional severe medical issues such as gout, osteoarthritis, bursitis, […]


Myofascial Release Therapy on Channel 7

Are You Sick and Tired of Living in Agonizing Pain? Southwest Physical Therapy has without exception always been successful in treating problems that have stubbornly been unresponsive to previous therapies, surgeries, and medications. Patients often come to us with intense pain (back, hip, neck, knee, etc.) that uninterruptedly interferes with everything in their life, with […]



Connecting the Dots

Transformation Do you remember connecting the dots when you were a kid? When you opened the book all you saw were dots… and nothing made sense. You searched for dot number one and connected it to dot number two, et al. Your excitement augmented as you began to notice a picture take shape, making sense […]


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Southwest Physical Therapy is supporting Women’s Health with our Introductory Offer this month of October. Purchase a 3-Hour Myofascial Release Package this month and receive a discount of 15%. Following breast cancer mastectomies, breast reductions, and augmentation, Myofascial Release Therapy is helpful in eliminating pain and softening the scars. Scars can grow within like a […]


Monroe Institute Excursion Workshop on November 10th and 11th @ Southwest Physical Therapy Myofascial Release Therapy

With facilitators Heather Alfano and Allyn Evans Experience the Hemi-Sync technology developed by pioneering sound researcher and innovator Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute. Strengthen your focus and deepen your connection with your core, enhance your creativity and intuition. Meditate like the masters. Relax like never before! A coherent brain is focused, balanced  – […]



Issues in My Tissues

After the Storm I woke up this morning with the same exact feeling I had last week just before the storm. When intense feelings and incidents inhabit your body they are recorded by the fascia until they are released… …I remember walking to Golden Farm wondering if I should buy more provisions such as a […]



Do You Need CPR?

“When your luck is battin’ zero, get your chin up off the floor. Mister, you can be a hero. You can open any door. There’s nothin’ to it, but to do it You’ve gotta have Heart! Miles and miles and miles of Heart! Oh, it’s fine to be a genius of course! But keep that […]



A Crystal Healing Bed to Accelerate Your Wonderful Transformation

After having lived a powerful healing experience from cancer at the Casa de Dom Inácio, a spiritual healing center in Abadiânia in central Brazil last year, I decided to add a Crystal Light Bed to our Southwest Physical Therapy Clinic in Brooklyn, for it is one of the highly effective and latest healing modalities being […]


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True Pain Relief

A physical symptom is a sign or communication from the body that there is an imbalance of energy in its system. Treating only the physical symptom is to mask or sweep under the rug the root of the problem and not obtain true, lasting pain relief. For many years, the body had been regarded as […]