Our Philosophy

Southwest Myofascial Release takes physiotherapy to another level. With expertise and caring patience and experience, our Specialists focus on observing and treating you as a whole person and not as a for-profit collection of injured parts, and we neither rest nor are gratified till you’re 100% completely satisfied with Southwest Myofascial Release. Without fail we always get to the root cause(s) of agony and discomfort and naturally restore the body to a healthy, balanced state awash in peace and free of pain. We treat our patients with the respect, dignity, compassion and understanding that is our norm, providing a sweet and pleasant breath of fresh air of an alternative to impersonal physical therapy. Southwest Myofascial Release is a clinic of holistic “hands-on” licensed Physical Therapy Specialists who understand the value of personal interaction. To approach the body as a whole and get at the root cause(s) of discomfort requires expertise, sensitivity, and patience.

Southwest Myofascial Release’s icing on the cake is our unbeatable prices for the best quality services and results in the entire NYC metropolitan area!

We ensure and are proactive and entrusted, not assuring and full of hot air without our patients’ trust and confidence. Just some of the attributes that separate Southwest Myofascial Release from all the rest that for years have us occupying the Numero Uno position in NYC’s physiotherapy industry. Merely some food for thought if ever the need for our superb services arises among you and your circle of loved ones…, because we all know that the best always warrants the best! Godspeed best of health to you always!